Music: Town Veiled in White

Time to continue another quest line!

I have been continuing in my hopes of discovering the truth about my father.

I'd hardly been given my first appointment before I fell afoul of bandits. I had to fight them off. I'd thought I was quite good with a sword, but... And the taste of real battle is quite different from that of mere training, I discovered...

Please! Will you aid me in my training?

Sir Miles is discovering that being a knight isn't as easy at it may first seem.

But he wants to improve, so why not give him a hand?

I hope this helps!


Very far indeed have I yet to come as a knight... But that matters naught! I feel I have understood something new this day, in battling with you. I will set off again with renewed vigor!

Glad we could help by stabbing you in the chest!

Was your father perhaps a member of the Knights Ardante? You look quite uncannily alike to a certain member of the Knights Ardante who once saved my life.

Certainly did. A hero, he was. He saved us all.
A h-hero...
I was just a wee mite when all this happened.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

The only one able to take up a sword and fight for us was that father of yours. Even knowing that he would be alone in his fight, he did not abandon us in our hour of need.

It is thanks to your father that I'm here today to relate the tale to you.

Yet he was stripped of his knighthood all the same... The truth must still be out there somewhere.

And so Sir Miles sets out to hopefully discover the truth about his father's expulsion from the Knights Ardante.

But for now, we get paid.

I imagine the son will do much to live up to his father's legacy, as well.

Let's certainly hope so!

Next time, we go bargain-hunting.