Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Let's close out Chapter 3 by visiting an old acquaintance.

Oh, it's you! Do you by chance remember me?

How goes my journey, you ask? I'm afraid to say I feel as if I've gone as far as I can on my own... There are too many dangers to face alone. I wonder if some band of travelers might not allow me to join them on the road...?

So for this quest, we need to find Kit some people to travel with. And no, we can't take him with us, this is Octopath Traveler after all. In fact, we still can't do any path actions with him.

But I need a pair of actors who have good chemistry and can play off of one another. I've been waiting here for two aspiring actors to just show up. Sadly, this approach hasn't proven very successful.

This guy's troupe might be just the place for Kit, but as far as we know Kit doesn't act, and he doesn't have any friends because he's Kit.

I've heard that a traveling troupe is looking for actors, but they want a pair--and I have no partner. If only I could find someone who would join me on such a journey...

Well, there's an actor looking for a partner.

This may be our best chance to get Kit hitched with some other folk, so let's give it a shot!

What's that? A traveling acting troupe is looking for new members? A group like that certainly would allow me to visit many different towns in my search for word of my father...

I doubt I have much gift for acting, but...

If you hadn't asked, I would have!
I suppose we had better go talk to the impresario then!

Eh, what the hell. Not like we have anything better to do.

Music: The Flatlands

Mm-hmm. Well, I do thank you both for showing me your best performances...

Y-yes... I was afraid that might be the case...
We were really hoping to find a pair of actors who could play well off of one another, too...

Or just let me join you as a stagehand! I'll do anything you ask of me if you only let me travel with you! I have to keep traveling to try to find some word of the fate of my missing father!
...Please! I'm begging as well! Please let us join you!
Hmm... Can I hold you to that promise, Kit?

Y-yes! I give my word!
Then, are hired. Provisionally. As a stagehand, until we see what we can make of you.

You two are a pair, after all. Do you think you can do that?
Of course! We won't let you down!

I will trust you two to live up to your words. I can trust you, can't I?

Looks like everything worked out. Kit has some people to travel with, the actor has a gig, and the impresario has some new actors.

Thank you again! I will do my best not to let this troupe down!

I'm sure that'll be the last time we see Kit. Wait, why is this Part 1...

At any rate, Chapter 3 is finally done! Chapter 4 will see the end of our eight stories, introduce eight new towns, and a slew of new side stories and dungeons to deal with. And of course, there's even more content in the post-game.

Unsurprisingly, Cyrus won, so we'll deal with his story finale first. Except...we may want a bit more firepower to tackle with all these final bosses.

So next time...we'll start Chapter 4 by unlocking the final four jobs.