Music: My Quiet Forest Home

This is Duskbarrow.

There's...not much to this place.

I failed three 72% Scrutinize checks on this one. Alfyn's too low-level to Inquire, sadly.

That staff isn't anything to write home about, especially at that price.

I know I'm being picky, but that's how I've become a millionaire.

So yeah, me and my mates decided to bring him down. And bring him down we did.

He's part of a Chapter 2 Side Story we can now complete. I'll hold off for now though.

He's also a jerk and way overcharges for basic items. I can't wait to bust his lip later.

I'm only showing off a whopping four NPCs, as the rest are all quest-related (hell, the last one was quest-related but whatever).

That Viper Dagger is expensive, but it also has the second-highest PhysAtk of any dagger in the game, and the hefty Speed boost and poison proc make it that much better.

This is the sort of thing I'm saving all that money for. We can get two free ones later, but still, it should come in handy now.

...I actually still need to buy it.

I want to beat her up and grab the item she hides, but Olberic's not high enough level, and H'aanit is L31 and her monsters aren't going to do the job. I'll revisit this later.

...and that's pretty much everything to show in Duskbarrow! Other than three side stories I'll do later, of course.