Music: My Quiet Forest Home

We've still got a couple more side stories here, so let's clean up before moving on.

He badgers me with worthless trinkets he finds there, claiming they're valuable artifacts. When I try to shoo him off, he turns most belligerent. I do wish someone would do something about him.

And guess who that someone's going to be?

Finally caught one of the stupid Ratkings.

Music: Dark Caverns

Back to the ruins, though it's a much shorter trip this time.

What, me? Why, I'm collectin' rubbish--that is to say, I'm seekin' ancient relics.


The steal chances are low, but since we're in a dungeon, there's no penalties for failing.

It takes a lot of tries, but I grab the loot. It's worth the effort, as the Sprightly Necklace is the best of the speed-boosting accessories, and I may even use that nut one day...!

Of course, we're not here to steal from him. We're here to solve this problem the way we solve all our problems: with copious amounts of violence.

Like so.

Pictured: Us not rueing this day.

Also the merchant from before shows up for no particular reason.

Now I won't be bullied into buying his worthless rubbish anymore.


Gods in heaven, I wonder--why, yes! This one, too! And this!

Hoho! Imagine the face that wretched grave robber would pull were I to tell him.

Why, you ask? Because I, too, thought this was mere rubbish.

This affair has been a warning to me! I must re-apply myself to my trade!

Tressa could walk circles around this guy, let me tell ya.

'Tis a lesson I'm determined to remember. The days of resting on my laurels are over!

Just goes to show that many merchants are just ordinary people. Not everyone has the keen eye for treasure that Tressa has.

We'll do one last side story next time before we tackle our next character.