Music: River of Life

Welcome to the newly-liberated Riverford.

The soldiers are a bit lost, now free after having done cruel things in fear of their former lord.

...Very cruel things, mind you.

There's also a lot of fun lines in this particular place if you use Purchase with Tressa. A shame there's not much worth buying here, then.

Why does that seem so familiar...?

Needless to say, Riverford wasn't the most welcoming city for merchants.

He sells status-inflicting items, and for some reason doesn't have an Inquire option.

Of course, now that the city is liberated and the tolls are over, trade is bound to pick back up, which will hopefully make Riverford more prosperous.

The new lord's mansion is up ahead. An impressive building. Why not take a look?

It's a nice manor and all...

...but it's still a dungeon.

Many guards are still grappling with what they've done out of fear.

Also, damn.

I like this gimmick of pairs of soldiers having the same Inquire text.

This guy sells stat-boosting nuts, which are nice.


I get it done.

Not the best reward, but I'll take it.

And of course after I beat the guy up with H'aanit, I find the woman who lowers the level requirement for Challenge. Figures.

The Giant's Club has the highest PhysAtk of any staff, still pretty bad considering all the other weapons max out in the high 300's all the way to 400. Of course, staves aren't exactly for physical attacks anyway.

And of course this woman is a master of dark arts.

Can't purchase from him, sadly.

What a lovely guy.

He's also a weakling.

All he guards is a Hidden Item that's worth a mere 8000 leaves. Meh.

Best leave her be and let her rest.

We'll get more into this in the next update.

This guy is a wee bit paranoid...

He's pretty strong, but he's no Olberic.

What secrets is this girl hiding...

I don't even know.

Oh, another lovely individual.

He's got some decent-but-outdated weaponry for sale.

I really should have beat him up.

Next time is going to be bittersweet, as it will be the last time we'll have a side story featuring the one, the only, the Magnificent Meryl. Stay tuned...