Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Let's start our first side story of the post-game by checking in with Ali.

They're kinda weird in that these NPCs don't really acknowledge the characters they know, since it's possible to do this entire side story without having Tressa in the party. Regardless, I'm still gonna have the relevant characters in the lead because, well, why not?

I've saved up a small fortune, if I do say so myself. I'm on my way back to my hometown now, in fact. I father's probably waiting for me to come back home.

But for some reason...I find myself in no big hurry to get back... Hrmmm...

You know how rodents are always causing trouble for the people who live in the desert? So everyone wants a cat that can be trained up as a great mouser? It can be a bit hard on folks, though, to keep a cat just for that purpose...

Even the fiercest rat will go running at the sound of a cat! And you won't have to pay for cat food, either!

Off you go! You can do it!

Ali's trying to distract us from what's really bothering him.

Ali's homesick and wants to see his dad again, yet there's something stopping him.

Also, for such a good merchant, Ali's stock is garbage.

Ali's father is in one of the desert towns, so Marsalim's as good a place to check as any!

Let's try this completely random man first...

My own blasted son said he wanted to set out on his own journey to become a great merchant not too long ago. I tried to stop him, said it was too early, and still he went.

That fool son of mine... I wonder where in the world he is now...

You know, I get the feeling this is the man we're looking for.

His inventory is even worse than Ali's.

At any rate, let's unite these two.


"I'm gonna become a better merchant than you ever were!" That's what you boasted when you ran off, wasn't it? But your big mouth didn't serve you so well out in the real world, did it? Eh, Ali?

Wh-wh-what are you doing here!?
Hmph. Well, you never came home after that fight. What was I supposed to do?

You're saying I lost the argument!? You haven't changed a bit since then! Still a stubborn old coot!

Prepare yourself, old man. I wouldn't want you to keel over when you see this...

Ho! That's a fine bit you've earned, indeed.


Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Father... Of course I've earned my customers' trust! I've never told a single lie to any of them.

You really...really never change... You know I only ever wanted to become a merchant because of you... You were like a hero to me when I was little...

I've wanted to apologize all this time. I'm sorry I just ran away without a word like that. I'm sorry I made you worry...

...You did a fine job, son.

Heh... Glad to be back.

Kahahaha! Sounds like things are about to get pretty busy!

And so we've reunited father and son, and thus got some cash and... of the best weapons in the game. The Tradewinds Spear has the second-highest ElemAtk of any weapon in the game, and it boosts wind damage on top of that. The best part is this stacks with another wind-boosting weapon we'll get later.

A great start to our side story sweep!

But, well... At this rate, I'm not sure we'll ever get that shop open!

We've been talking about our new shop together, but we can't seem to agree on anything! All his ideas are so old-fashioned!

The two still aren't completely getting along, but hey, maybe one day they can actually work together and get that shop open!

...Hopefully. Anyway, many more side stories next time.