Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Time to help out another familiar face.

"To the Butler of Ravus Manor, your most precious treasure will soon be mine."

It appears to be a warning of sorts, and one that cannot be taken lightly. I found it on the vase in the hallway. Anyone who can get that far into the manor is a serious threat. Fortunately, I know just what "Nighteye" is after.

You can see how it glimmers, just like a feline's eyes at night.

He and I aren't so different in age. If it's not too much trouble, could you bring "Nighteye" here for me?

For once, it is Heathcote that is the target of a potential burglary.

Of course, we have no actual leads into finding Nighteye.

That's why walkthroughs exist!

I believe he's the one responsible for its safekeeping. Knowing that his traps have been bested must have him in a right panic!

Looks like we've found our guy.

So let's take him over to Heathcote and let the geezers talk it out.


You're no spring chicken yourself.
And yet I managed to get in. It appears your skills just aren't what they used to be.
But it was a struggle to get that far, wasn't it? I doubt you could've gone another step. Or would you rather I attribute that to old age?
Hmph... At least your sense of humor never gets old.

My true aim was to get you to see me. I knew this would be the perfect chance to take the Cat's Eye from you. You're never without it, after all!

And so Nighteye runs off with his prize, successfully pulling one over on Heathcote. Or so it seems.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

He and I were rivals in our youth, always aiming for the same treasure...

She was like a beautiful maiden in a high tower--seemingly out of our reach. So we made a bet: whoever could steal her beloved Cat's Eye...

Whoever lost would have to give up, and leave the business forever.

But her heart was already set on another.

As promised, he washed his hands of the business and ran away with her.

It makes me wonder if he came to return the Cat's Eye to its proper owner.

Perhaps I really am getting old.

An odd dagger that boosts fire damage and is focused on ElemAtk. It's not that it's a bad dagger, in fact it's a great source of ElemAtk for some specific job combinations, but it's a bad dagger for Therion, who much prefers high PhysAtk for his "Steal HP/SP" and Aeber's Reckoning skills. Otherwise, it's a solid option for non-Thieves since the ElemAtk is pretty respectable for an end-game weapon, and an elemental boost is nothing to sneeze at since all elements are the same when the foe is broken. Another solid get.

Thieves simply take without ever considering that.

Words to live by, I guess.

If you see Heathcote, could you tell him something for me?

I'm certain that'll upset the old coot. Gwahaha!

I get the feeling Heathcote allowed the Cat's Eye to be stolen, and this thief probably knows that as well. A bit of a charade to send each other off in their twilight years, I guess, and to put old business to bed.

Anyway, since I'll be on vacation, I'm going to post some short tavern banters for the next couple weeks in place of regular updates. Was regularly planning on doing four updates of five each, but this means we won't be completely devoid of content while I'm off relaxing on the beach. Until then!