Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

I'm now back and ready to finish this LP! Let's take on another side story to kick things off.

Pray do not tell anyone of my identity. It would not do for anyone to know that the crown princess of Atlasdam is abroad like this.

Professor Paul has been traveling around an island nation off the mainland, for the sake of his research. It's been a decade since he left these shores. But today at last, the ship bearing him is due at this harbor...


We'll need every boat we've got to help the people! They won't make it long among those waves!

No, it cannot be... Forgive me, but I must go find out more!

So of course, there's a complication in this upcoming reunion between teacher and pupil.

Professor Paul... Please be all right...

Naturally, Cyrus is not one to let a fellow scholar and educator languish in danger.

Mary herself is pretty much as studious as she appears in Cyrus's story. She's also still the only royalty that shows up besides King Khalim and Princess Gloria of Marsalim.

There's probably a NPC that tells us where he went, but I think I missed them, so pretend I talked to that NPC and didn't just remember to go here instead.

This is the optional dungeon for this area of the Coastlands, and yes, this is a Level 45 dungeon in a Chapter 1 area.

Music: Dark Caverns

Otherwise, it's your bog-standard underwatern cavern, and rather boring by those standards. Though it does have a couple details that make it stand out.

First, whatever the hell sea mammal has such massive teeth.

I assume this inflicts a status effect since it dealt no damage, but it dealt no status effect either. I blame the giant teeth distracting it.

Otherwise, there is a mysterious figure over here. Could this be Professor Paul...?

In fact, this is Vanessa Hysel, the boss from Alfyn's Chapter 2. Seems she's at least chilled considerably since Alfyn beat her up and haunted her nightmares.

She also holds the strongest dagger in the game, the Battle-tested Dagger. That PhysAtk is a huge boost over the second-best dagger, and it has a nifty debuff that pairs well with its massive Evasion boost. Really great grab.

Anyway I decide to have her tag along because, well, why not. She's probably lonely living in this cave by herself.

Also she has drugs, and drugs in RPGs are always good.

Eventually, I do find the actual Professor Paul.

And worst of all...I have no idea where I am any longer!

He's certainly a professor, alright.

Sadly, we have to take Professor Paul with us to complete this side story, and I only bothered to bring Ophilia along. Have fun being alone in a dark wet cave!

Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Now to hurry him back to Princess Mary before he gives us a lecture.

Yes? Who might you... No... Your Highness!?
Yes, it is me! Mary! I am so relieved to find you alive and well!
What a shock! My goodness, I should hardly have recognized you! Even in my dreams, I could not have imagined you would grow into such a fine lady!

I have never felt more keenly the ten years that have passed since I left this continent until this moment. Such a long time it does feel like now!

Of course I remember it.
I had only meant to play a prank. I had hidden that precious tome of yours in one of the palace's chimneys...

It was spring and so I hadn't thought there was any chance that anyone would set a fire. And still, the book ended up so awfully coated with soot that it could never be read again... But when I tried to apologize to you, you told me this...

"But I hope you will promise me two things. The first, that you will never do such a thing again... And the second...that you will take this empty tome and fill it with your own words. Write down all that you learn from this day onward. And when you have filled this entire volume, return it to me."

Yet it was more than ten years ago now... How the time does fly...
I have kept both of my promises, Professor Paul. And this belongs to you...

...You have learned a great deal in these ten years. Now I understand very well the grace and wisdom in your eyes. And looking at the worn pages of this volume, I can tell exactly how hard it is that you've been working all this time.
Everything that I am today is thanks to the wonderful tutors I have had--like you, Professor Paul.

I am so glad that I was able to see my promise fulfilled...

Everyone has that one teacher that changed their entire view on life. For Princess Mary, this was more than just reuniting with a teacher that gave her new perspective, this was about keeping a promise ten years in the making.

But all of that is irrelevant to us. All we care about is this staff, which has mediocre ElemAtk for a end-game staff but makes up for it with an ice boost. It's nice when paired with another weapon we'll get later that also boosts ice as well as another weapon with high ElemAtk like the Rune Glaive. So it takes a bit of work to make this weapon shine, but it's definitely a solid option!

Someday I will be queen and must dedicate my life to the betterment of my people... That is why I will never stop trying to learn all I can to prepare myself to support my people.

I have no doubt she will be a great queen someday. I greatly look forward to seeing the day when that happens.

At any rate, it seems the future looks bright in Atlasdam, as great professors such as Paul and Cyrus have ensured the kingdom will be in great hands for the next generations.

Next time, we beat up regrets.