With this side story, we're pretty much done with these "help a familiar face" side stories. I mean, technically we have two more of those, but they'll be slightly different from what we've seen.

For now, let's see what Ogen's been up to.


If that fever comes back, though, take this twice a day till it subsides.
Thank you so much. We're so lucky such a skilled apothecary passed through our village.
No need for thanks. It's my job is all.
Um, sir, if I might ask...

Not that I remember, but I move about a lot.
I felt like I met you before. Long, long ago.
Could be. Like I said, I move about a lot.

But when I lost my wife, I left this place. I was on the road for a long time after that. After all these years, though...I guess the fancy just struck me and I thought I'd stop by, see the old place.

Melyssa... Soon it'll be the anniversary of the day I lost you.

This was where Ogen lived with his wife before her tragic death. Between his aimless travels and everything that transpired in recent times, he's probably been thinking a lot more about her recently, which may have directly or indirectly led him back here.

Music: Town Veiled in White

So of course, he has a problem that we'll be helping him with.

But it seems like they don't grow around here anymore.

Basically, we have to find Ogen a specific type of flower. But where?

Victors Hollow, of course! Why? Why not!

Look at this fine Mind-me-always! I found just this one bloom, high up in the mountains!

This Flower Girl really likes her flowers, even though few others seem to appreciate them as much as her.

Anyway, we got what we need, you know the rest.

My wife loved these best of all. Thank you...

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I thrust a handful of these at you when I proposed to you, standing in that field outside the village...


I've been wandering all this time, looking for a reason to keep on living.

I'm gonna keep on helping people as an apothecary for a little while yet. So I won't be coming to join you as soon as I thought I might. I hope you'll watch over me...and wait for me to come to you...

He's the one who reminded me what it really means to be an apothecary.

And so Ogen got some needed closure and peace of mind.

If you're ever in need of any care, you come see me.

Here's hoping he's able to help many more people in the future!

Next time, we fight our most fearsome foe yet as we take on the most challenging side boss in the game, at least outside the final boss! This is going to be a tricky one...