Music: The Flatlands

This is a micro-update. I'll be doing a lot of these during the course of this Let's Play.

Today we'll be doing our first side quest (Side Story in this game), and it is a rather unique one. This side story always happens as soon as your starting character leaves their city for the first time. They'll all run into the same person, this particular character.

A monster came out of nowhere, and it got me in the leg. I can hardly put any weight on it.

Characters with side stories have an orange speech bubble and an orange indicator on the radar.

Not all characters can be affected by path actions.

This is a simple one. A Healing Grape is a trivial cost.

I dare say you need this more than I! Here.

I can't thank you enough. I'd have been done for if you hadn't come along!

I'm on a journey to find my father. He disappeared when I was just a boy.

Your characters are silent protagonists when it comes to side stories. That would make things boring, though, so let's take advantage of this...

Indeed I am! I seek wisdom and knowledge, to learn everything I can learn, so that I may share it with others.

Be safe, and may your travels bring you all that you seek.

As to you! Good luck on your journey, and farewell!

There are 101 total Side Stories in Octopath Traveler. This is the only one that changes depending on character, all the rest are in static areas.

There are numerous ways to solve these using our various Path Actions, and many of these even have two different ways to be solved! I aim to show off all possibly ways to solve a Side Story.

And of course, there are rewards for completing these, and some are pretty good! More money certainly doesn't hurt here.

As I said, this is a short one! Next time, we'll explore the Flatlands before traveling through the Riverlands to recruit our next companion...