So this one's going to be a bit different. For the last update of Chapter 1 (and this year!) I'm going to briefly revisit all eight starting towns to check stuff I may have missed. And well, there's probably stuff I still miss, but what can you do.

I'm thinking of starting a new line of work, in fact. I will work to search out witnesses of crimes, and help find proof for those who are truly innocent. I will be an advocate for those who are accused of crimes they did not commit. I feel like I've finally found what it is I am meant to do in life!

I missed this guy earlier after freeing him from his previous side story. So not only have we helped an innocent man regain his freedom, but we've given him a new-found goal in life to help others. Helping people is wonderful.

Oh yeah I'm gonna have animals maul people to death to keep this update interesting.

There are uses to fighting people beyond solving quests or opening doors! Sometimes they can drop some loot like this nifty dagger. A few NPCs can even drop the ultimate tier of weapons, if you feel compelled to grind 3% drops!

This was the woman who was paranoid about her mercenary boyfriend sneaking out, so she kept drugging him with sleeping aids.

I mean, the whole situation is a bit unsettling if you think about it. It's sorta vague whether he's just saying all this yet can't bring himself to leave this woman, or if he's just so heavily drugged that he's lost most of his wits.

Fortunately, it doesn't matter because this is a fictional character in a video game and mainly exists to sell some nice armor upgrades, like that Headgear and Iron Vest.

Each town only has one background, so even though we're mauling this poor woman to death inside the church, we're still shown doing it outside. But what can you do?

Remember that we've covered Atlasdam when we only had Cyrus, so we missed out on all the loot to buy and all the Guide/Allure attacks these people can do.

This is for a future side story, of course.

Our culinarian friend from earlier can do a two-hit fire attack to really bring out the flavor of our foes.

Uh, OK.

This little girl meanwhile looks like she's going to be an enterprising merchant herself one day considering the items she has.

And the windmill guy sells Wind Soulstones. Of course.

This man has his priorities in order.

Mercedes has a couple of alchemical components. This is actually kind of neat for reasons we won't see for a long, long time.

Also I maul her with a snow leopard.

Though she puts up a decent fight for a librarian.

I lost my easy mark, all because you had to get involved!

This jerk is still fuming over being exposed as a jerk, from when he tried extorting Theracio.

This kid was scavenging the treasury of Atlasdam, with the queen turning a blind eye. Turns out the kid's a natural and has some nice stuff. That Elusive Shield in particular is a nice upgrade.

But you were selling to me...

And as you may expect, the royal family's personal guards are pretty talented at what they do.

If we really wanted to, we can bring Tressa's parents along for her great adventure. Not sure what their level requirements are for Guide, but maybe Tressa and her parents could be a fun gimmick run for the future...

The Memorial Harpoon isn't even that great. It's pointless to steal it, so the only reason to do so is to be a jerk. I'm not that terrible.

But I'm still terrible.

This man can still one-shot me, so the mystery of what's behind this door will sadly remain a mystery.

I might be a bit too cruel to Philip's Mother.

The Captain of the Watch is a bit difficult, which means busting out my non-Linde monsters upon break.

A nice second sword should I need it.

Also I rectify my earlier mistakes and seduce the Manure Toss man. I'm sure there will be a moment where my entire party is saved by his expert manure-tossing skills.

I didn't have anyone to beat up this poor dancer when I first covered this town, so I fix that quickly.

Sadly this stuff is outclassed at this point, and it wouldn't show up on our sprite anyway, so our plans to dress Cyrus up as a dancer will have to be put on hold.

I even felt like I'd seen her somewhere before... Though I can't for the life of me say where...

Jerks who get beat up by us tend to sulk in a corner and whine about experiencing consequences for their actions. Go figure.

A real piece of work, this one.

Since I have Therion, I can show off how disgustingly powerful the Golden Axe is. Our highest-tier weapons right now are like +80 PhysAtk. This thing could carry us all the way into Chapter 4, it's that nice.

Bet she won't even bother to give me a souvenir when she returns. Fine. See if I care.

Gertas is still Gertas.

We can also finally open the purple chest here, though it's just more vendor fodder.

I'm actually fortunate enough to succeed on my second try.

So this woman's really powerful for good reason, a reason that's perhaps best left unknown.

I covered this town after getting all eight characters, so there's really nothing new to show off here. I did exclude this half of Ravus Manor's courtyard because I was going to end Chapter 1 with this, but alas, I'm not quite as ready for this one as I thought.

Also we still can't enter through the front door, we have to go in through the window. Though it's still a dungeon and I'm pretty confident we won't find Cordelia or Heathcote inside.

This man fancied himself a friend of animals.

Otherwise, the only other thing of note is this purple chest, which contains a mediocre bow. Meh.

And that's everything! Here's the map so far, and where everyone's second chapters end up (the eastern-most one is Alfyn).

Go ahead and vote for the first one we do! I included the town we visit (probably meaningless) and the recommended level (throw your worst, I can deal). I'm going to do a couple more updates before I pick the winner and continue these stories.

Next time, we begin Chapter 2 of the Let's Play and finally move beyond the starting cities! New areas to explore, new foes to fight, and most importantly, new secrets to unlock...