Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

We've got an old friend here today! Let's pay Kaia a visit.

It's me, Kaia. Remember?

[kaia] I wish I knew where he's at... I'm awfully anxious to talk to him!

This one's very simple. We need to find the egg expert in this town and bring him to Kaia.

Kaia's been on quite the journey for someone so young!

I know this is pretty sudden, but today's update is arguably the peak of the game. You see, today we'll be meeting the greatest character in the entire game. Sorry that it's downhill after this.

As a lad, whenever I saw an egg, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of creature'd come out o' it, and when. ...Although most folk call me the Egg Man, which is an opportunity missed, if you ask me.

I think this may be our eggspert.

After that, all we have to do is bring him to Kaia.

That wouldn't be you by any chance?
Aye. The Egg Man, most folk call me. So what do you want t'see me about?

Hohoho! I'm too old to be taken in by eggstravagant claims like that, lassie...

Could you keep your voice down, sir? We don't know who could be listening...

This man is perfect.

Simply eggstraordinary...! Where in the gods' good name did you find it, lassie?

It's no easy task, hatchin' a dragon, and I've only heard of one way to do it.
Tell it to me, sir!

Course, it's just a tale, an' I've never tried it myself. But some eagles nest on the slopes of volcanoes so that the heat will warm their eggs.
Getting so close to a volcano sounds dangerous...

Mayhap the blazestone'll serve just as well.
A blazestone from Orewell? Thank you, sir!

And so Kaia continues her journey to hatch the dragon egg.

What a good yolk.