Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Today we'll be exploring Quarrycrest. It's a mining town, one whose background we'll learn a lot more about once we do Tressa's Chapter 2. But for now, we have this.

This is one of the fellows we Scrutinized in Cyrus's last chapter.

Gold is the focus of this town, and there's plenty of it, even if much of it isn't of the best quality...

And here's the other fellow we Scrutinized earlier. Odette is nowhere to be found, unfortunately.

That Viking Axe is a nice step up from our other axes, at least PhysAtk-wise. I'm swimming in money and need every edge I can get, so why not?

Many of the miners here have registration numbers, since you need to register to mine here.

I'll hold off on breaking and entering this time.

Mr. Morlock is the guy who owns all this land and allows the miners to mine there.

Boy I love failing four 56% checks in a row.

Anyway this woman is not very happy about everything going on out here.

Spoilers, Mr. Morlock becomes relevant with Tressa's Chapter 2.

That Protective Ring boosts both defenses by 20, nice for whoever my Cleric is. Critical Ring would be nice if I actually cared about Crit.

So much gold...

It's also a reminder that I haven't been selling all my loot lately. Time to fix that!

How do I get a job as a Pit Reaper?

He's got some nice concoct ingredients and his Hidden Item is Refreshing Jam, so the Pit Reaper is cool with me.

I've heard they can make even the dullest tool as sharp as new again.

This woman sounds awesome.

Her knife is nice, too, though I don't really think it's necessary for me right now.

She even gives a nice PhysAtk buff.

Keep trying buddy.

Hey, we all gotta make a living somehow.

I swear there's like five different ore types you can find in this town.

This ore is worth 4000 leaves, and there's another we'll snag from a chest later. Score!

He likes fishing and has a fish tooth. Small and easy touch, but one I still like.

Oh yeah, H'aanit won by a landslide. Guess we're going the CHAPT TOO path this time, appropriately enough.

Mining is popular here, enough so that you can't just come in and grab a pick and start. There's quite a bit of bureaucracy involved, you see.

There's gotta be another girl somewhere who can carry a tune...

He might be relevant for a side story later. I mean, he clearly is, I wouldn't have mentioned he "might" be relevant if he actually wasn't.

Some needed gear upgrades. That Magus Glaive gives a hefty +162 ElemAtk, which is really nice.

And then there's the Hill Cleaver. If you don't have the Golden Axe, this will last awhile, even though it's ridiculously expensive.

He might be important for a Side Story later involving eating a herb-grilled eld chicken.

He's not, but if I'm going to use "might be important" I need to make some counter-examples to keep you all guessing.

That bandana is a huge helmet upgrade and also probably looks really swank so I snag it.

And with that, we're done with Quarrycrest for now!

Next time, we continue H'aanit's story. Expect more struggles since I'm still underleveled and too lazy to grind off-screen. Don't worry, we'll get up to speed soon enough!