Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Goldshore doesn't really have anything huge going for it. It's got a decent fishing presence and houses some rich people and a major cathedral, but otherwise it's an ordinary coastal town.

This town is known for its pristine beaches. You should see them for yourself if you have a spare moment.

Even the town greeter has a grim backstory.

That Dragon's Vest is incredibly nice, #5 overall in the game in terms of ElemDef on body armor, and #6 for PhysDef. This is end-game tier armor, and if it weren't so expensive I'd buy it easily. For 30,000 I'd be seriously tempted, for 20,000 I'd buy it and never look back.

But it does at least remind me to sell some more loot.

If I don't find a safer route to travel than that blasted highroad, they're going to put me out of business!

There's a side story related to all this that we'll investigate later.

He said he found it in the depths of the place they call Captains' Bane. I wonder what it might hatch into...

I know a guy who could tell you, he's pretty eggscellent at his job!

Starlight Hats are sold in this very town, but generally such items are going to be cheaper through NPCs. It's also why I buy every Grape or Plum I see.

You'd think they'd have cleaned up that capsized boat by now...

A real tough guy, that one.

At least we cleared out some of the nastier inhabitants!

We'll give that cave a peek when we come back here for Ophilia's Chapter 3.

There's a real hoarding problem in Goldshore, it seems. Well, not necessarily, but it's two different NPCs that are hoarding random garbage from the sea. Two in a town of 20ish NPCs is a pattern!

Third-strongest bow in the game with a huge Crit boost, but its drawback may be one of the most annoying. It does come in handy if you're trying to grind for the end-game, though.

Goldshore is moderately-sized, with two major screens plus the cathedral.

Goldshore is a religious hub as well, though not as significant as Flamesgrace or Saintsbridge, the latter we'll be visiting in the future for Ophilia's Chapter 2 and Alfyn's Chapter 3. This town really is a jack-of-all-trades in terms of things of relevance.

He sells fruit, you see.

This here whetstone is the best I carry.

He mainly sells an item for a Side Story in another town. I'll grab it eventually.

This guy's certainly got it figured out.

That's a pretty decent deal for a +500HP accessory, and will work great for my lower-HP characters.

Seems he works for that other guy we just met.

Alas, he's guarding a door, so...

He's not. He's a mere two-star fighter!

Otherwise, there is nothing of note inside the house...

...other than this old man's collection of rare jewels. What exactly is going on here...?

Someday I'm going to learn to hack this game and hack away all your money and your home and you'll be poor and destitute and your Summon action will be Manure Toss and I will finally achieve inner fulfillment.

We've already seen his Scrutinize text so I'm skipping it.

At times one must even lower oneself to the level of common villains... But that's not anything you would need to know about either, obviously.

This guy is really not good at hiding his sinister side dealings.

Also he's a bit of an ass.

That Wizard's Rod is disgustingly good, but also disgustingly expensive.

His item is a lame Silver Axe, a weapon that was kinda good way back in Chapter 1.

He does have some good items for sale, though nothing new for us besides some mediocre armor.

Also, Brain Bash sounds awesome.

This cathedral isn't nearly as big as the one in Flamesgrace, but it's still respectable.

This guy has a small 28% chance of success, and is really the only time I had any risk to my reputation for this town.

He unlocks some new gear, though, so it's kinda worth it.

And that's it for the townspeople!

The new thing is the Elemental Heavy Armor, which sacrifices a bit of ElemDef from the robe in favor of more PhysDef and ElemAtk. It's the better of the two, but is so ridiculously more expensive that it's not really worth it. Otherwise, the weapons are decent but a little expensive.

Next time, we'll do a side story or three before jumping into our next story, which...well, you probably know who it is.

Until next time, fine CHAPs!