Music: The Frostlands

To reach Stillsnow, we have to detour briefly through the Woodlands to make it here.

There's the usual ice enemies here, of course.

And the region's side-dungeon, per usual.

The sign maintained by this friendly snowman gives us directions to our next destination. We'll hit Northreach once we get into the Chapter 4 regions.

Stillsnow's a bit remote, but is mostly a cozy small little town.


Music: Town Veiled in White

While we do have H'aanit's Chapter 3 here, for now we're gonna focus on furthering Primrose's story.

Primrose finally has a lead on one of the men who murdered her father, so now her quest for revenge can truly begin.

And as before, things get pretty dark in this chapter, so something to be aware of there.

Not once has your dagger left my side. Not since the day they took you from me.

Watch over me, Father...

(But how will I find the man I seek?)

Naturally, if we're looking for rumors and gossip, our first destination should be the alehouse. And so...

(A stage...simply waiting for someone to give a show. Dazzled eyes may loosen lips.)

Naturally, Primrose grabs the patrons' attention...

Music: The Sunlands

As before, the game cheats a bit and doesn't show anything. They don't have to do anything fancy, but it's a bit lame they couldn't have Primrose twirl around a bit or whatever.

I've never seen such beauty! Where did she come from?

The patrons, of course, enjoy the show.

But they aren't the only ones interested in tonight's star...

Music: Town Veiled in White

It was like an angel had descended from the heavens...

(...But kind words will not help me find my man. Can no one tell me something of import?)

It is you...isn't it, Lady Primrose?

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

It is the guiding light of the Sacred Flame that led us to each other this day!

I feared that we had lost you as well, my lady. But here you are alive, and more beautiful than ever.
What of you, Arianna? How did you come to live in this distant land?

I wandered from city to city, living on the streets and performing menial tasks to keep myself fed...

...As a what?

I am searching for a man.

Arianna... Do you know anything of the place marked here?


Please do not hold back, Arianna. You must tell me what you know. I beg of you...

Of course, Arianna. Anywhere you like.

We will be able to talk freely there.

Music: Town Veiled in White

Before we meet up with Arianna and find the location of our first mark, we've got some travel banter.

Yes, from when I was still living a noble's life. It's been ten years since we last saw each other.
That's quite a long time.
I am glad to see her safe. I tried to find out where she had gone, but to no avail.

You needn't be. After all, I'm sure you've had more than your fair share of hardships, too.
Yet here we are, traveling together and putting the past behind us. We should be rejoicing, not feeling sorry for each other.

I'm glad I can make this journey with you. I feel all the braver for knowing you.

Primrose has been through some terrible times, yet she's all the stronger for it, and continues on with her pride and determination. It's not surprising Ophilia admires and respects Primrose for having such poise after all she's been through.

The dormitory is indeed close to the alehouse. We have to get past the snowmen guards, but otherwise it's simple enough.


This serene little town has a dark, dirty secret...


Music: Discord


Some of our best customers would be troubled if their patronage came to light. So the brothel's existence--our existence--remains a secret. The poorest-kept secret in all the Frostlands, mayhap. But the public turns a blind eye.

More precisely, it leads to a certain meeting place.
A meeting place?
The location of the brothel is never shared openly. No one would dare put it on a map.

Arianna... Might I ask you one favor?
Anything, my lady.

I told you that I am searching for a man.


But, Lady Primrose... What do you intend to do when you find him?

...I understand. Then ready what you need, and return to this place. The carriage will be waiting.

Music: Town Veiled in White

Before we do so, a pair of banters. First...

oh no

I tried to ask Arianna, but she just hemmed and hawed and then wandered off...

Oh, come on! This is getting annoying--someone just tell me! ...And I'm not a child, by the way.
If you insist. Lean in closer and I'll whisper it...

Hehe. Do you get it now?

And so Tressa learns a brand new way of merchantry, albeit one she probably regrets learning about.

And as for the other banter...

Alfyn, what's the matter? You can't seem to stand still.
...Huh? Oh shucks, sorry. It's just it's so cold up here... I was born in the south, and me and the cold, we don't get along too well.

Thought so.

You'd do better to keep your mind on the journey. Besides...

Alfyn's young and from a small village, so of course his mind's on booze and women. Really he's the only man of the group to have a strong interest in women, as Cyrus is obsessed with books and Olberic with beating people up. Therion plays everything too cool to really tell, though he does get surprisingly flirty with some of his banters later on.

Not much to do here but wait.

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

He has a sharp eye and a suspicious nature. That's why he was hired.
That is...unfortunate.

Not that this stops Primrose from performing her usual act, of course.

Hmph. Haven't seen you around here before. You a new girl?
I am. This will be my first night in the master's service.

(Cautious, indeed...)

Men said that once they'd seen me on the stage, nothing could ever satisfy them again.

I think you'll find it most...stimulating.

Unlike most men Primrose has flirted with, Oren's not biting.

Music: Tranquil Days

I see... Then do not allow me to trouble you further...

Primrose isn't used to her dances being rejected, and she's taking it awfully hard. It's a weird but nice touch considering how much pride she has in her dancing.

Thank you, Arianna. But your praise is not the prize I sought.
I did try to warn you, my lady. The man is no fool.
Indeed. I must find another way...

Music: Town Veiled in White

(Perhaps there's someone in town who could convince Oren to change his mind...)

At any rate, we need to find an alternate way to gain access to that carriage.

But first, more banter.

Thank you.
You were positively inspiring. I wish I could dance like that, but alas...
Hehe. Two left feet, right?

I wonder if lessons would help. Or should I simply accept who I am and stick to my tomes?
Well, you're probably a quick learner. And even the clumsiest people can manage the basic steps...

Right, right. Don't be self-conscious. Of course that makes sense. It would be rather wonderful to do all those complicated steps and not think about it...

Well, if you're that eager, I could give you some pointers.

I like Cyrus secretly wanting to learn to dance. He does have actual interests outside of the scholarly pursuits, and it's such an odd thing for him to be interested in, which makes it work all the better.

Anyway, looks like we've got our lead, so...

...we just have to take the chap to Oren and have things resolve themselves out.

M-Master barkeep... Always a pleasure to see my kind benefactor. What brings you here?

Eh? You want me to give the new girl a ride?

I mean, of course, sir. As you wish. Least I can do to repay your kindness.

Oddly, the barkeep doesn't talk at all during that exchange. Ah well, it all worked out.

Next time, we'll travel to the brothel so Primrose can kill a man.