Guardia Millenial Fair

So last time, we kinda changed history a lil' bit. Just a little.

Sorry for putting you through all that, Marle.
Are you joking? That's the most fun I've had in months! And I have some new friends, too!

I've got some work to do.

Anyway, the post-time-travel conversation is short and sweet, and nobody really seems to think it that out-of-the-ordinary. Just a fun day trip to four hundred years in the past!

The Japanese version insinuates that Lucca's going to look into why exactly a Time Gate appeared the way it did.

Peaceful Days

There's little new to show off, though this is a nice time to do more fair games. After winning the initial rewards, we get cat food instead. The amount you get depends on how many silver points you spent to play (a source from a quick Googling suggests 2oz/10sp, 10oz/40sp, 24oz/80sp). For the rest, I'll quote the Chrono Compendium since the cat collection mechanics are a tad complex.

Every time the party enters the fountain area of Leene Square, the amount of cat food decreases by 0-3 grams. If that exhausts your cat food supply there is an approximately 4-35% chance that you will lose a cat (the greater the number of cats, the greater chance one will disappear). Provided you still have some cat food, the probability that you will gain a cat is between 0-77 percent (the less cats you have, the greater the chance that an extra one will appear).

After a new cat has appeared, the amount of cat food will drop between 2-200 grams (the more cats there are, the more likely it is that a large amount of food will disappear).


This merchant is back and will sell stuff, but it's kinda pointless to buy new gear at this time.

Finally, we can bother Lucca.

Oh! Crono! Hurry up and escort the Princess to the castle!

Turns out Lucca's daydreaming about robots.

Lara isn't as much into science the way Lucca and Taban are. Kinda curious how she ended up with Taban in the first place, then.

You're so thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Taban doesn't even really recognize Lucca's probably only friend.

Lucca's family is weird.

That's pretty much it for new stuff! Might as well take Marle home and check out the digs.

Courage and Pride

A good rule of thumb is that the 1000AD royalty looks identical to the 600AD royalty. Leene/Marle aren't the only ones that look like twins!

I heard you were abducted! We had soldiers searching for you!

No! Crono's...

Uh, this is getting awkward quickly.

But Princess Nadia said to...

That probably wasn't how Crono envisioned his first trip to his new girlfriend's place.

The Kingdom Trial

So lest you think we get another breather in peaceful, dull 1000AD, suddenly Crono's on trial for abducting royalty.

[quote="Mega64" post="483324903"]

We MUST create a criminal justice system in this Kingdom to do away with such fiends.[/quote]

This may have been a bad thing in retrospect.

At least we have a lawyer, which is a good thing since Crono's not exactly an expert with words.

We now bring forth the defendant, Crono, who is charged with abducting Princess Nadia.

What shall we do with him? Fire, perhaps? Hang him upside down for a few years?

You, the jury, shall decide his fate. Now, let us begin.

This chancellor is a tad sadistic, and kind of a jerkwad.

No, he did not. In fact, no "abduction" took place! The two met completely by accident. In fact, the Princess ASKED Crono if SHE could join HIM!

There's no real good answer here, but technically Crono did because you can't actually bump into Marle unless you actively move Crono toward her.

Whereupon you both disappeared! If that wasn't criminal abduction, I don't know WHAT is!

Objection! This can't have any relevance whatsoever to this case!
Care to respond, Chancellor!
Crono's character is at the very core of this case!
We have nothing to hide.

At this point, we get one of the coolest tricks in the game. Remember all the stuff we saw in the Millenial Fair? Those actions are now coming back to haunt (or help) us. Mostly help for this run, but rest assured I'll show a Jerk Crono run in the future for the complete experience.

Thank you for being so kind!
How about that? Doesn't this young man deserve a medal?

Yeah, good thing they're falling for the lie of Crono being a noble, upstanding guy. It'd be bad if they knew the truth, that Crono is actually...a noble, upstanding guy.

What about ransom?


Not really, no.

You're kinda bad at this, Chancellor.

Obviously this goes on a bit longer if Crono's a jerk, but good guys make for less entertaining courtroom drama, so...

Your decisions affect how the jurors vote, though one juror is a bit finicky and kinda glitched. Apparently that second juror will vote Not Guilty only if you return the cat without talking to the little girl first. Otherwise that juror will vote Guilty, even if you do return the cat. I guess that juror just hates talking to children.

A verdict has been reached!

Justice has been served.

This bites.

Then again, if Crono was found guilty, then he'd be executed instead, so...still better than dying I guess.


And finally King Guardia XXXIII himself appears.


All I asked was for you to behave like a princess. Even royalty must obey rules. Leave the rest up to the Chancellor and forget about the events in town.

Some NPCs mentioned there being a rift between King Guardia and Marle due to his expectations of her to be "regal", while she wants to experience regular teenage life and stuff. But considering Crono's about to go to prison this could probably wait until a better time.

The Hidden Truth

So much for justice, huh?

He has been found guilty, and you must now carry out his sentence.

Execution?! Strange, but I don't seem to recall hearing anything about an execution.

Understood, Sir!

And it looks like Crono's going to die anyway! The trial's actually meaningless! We get the same result regardless of how good or bad Crono is!

Just like real life. :v:

This stinks.