Today's ending happens after you learn about The Legendary Hero in 600AD. Simple enough!

 Full Video: The Legendary Hero (Ending) 

Robo's Theme

There's some black-screen credits at the beginning and interspersed between scenes.

First off, Robo goes home to a much brighter future. Stopping the destruction of the world tends to do that.

Leene's Bell still exists, too.

Also Robo meets and falls in love with Girl Robot. She's pink and has a bow.

And that's the end of Robo's section. Happy End!

Magus's Castle

Anyway, this is Tata, the Legendary Hero. We'll meet him in the next proper update.

After slaying some fearsome monsters...

...Tata is ready to take on the dreaded Magus. Finally, we'll fight and vanquish this demon king and free Guardia once and for all.

oh ok


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