Full Video: The Unknown Past (Ending) 


More music from later in the game, so don't click that link. Don't click that video either, honestly.

This ending is pretty generic, for the most part. You unlock it after receiving the Hero Medal from Tata, but before you attend Ayla's party.

First off, the 1000AD protags pop up in Medina again.

Then the imps decide to join them because why not.

Kino (who you may remember from his one whole line the last update) and a couple other people are chasing Reptites when things go wrong.

...for the Reptites, that is.

Oh yeah, you can't see this part. Sorry.

We see this, too. Sure, whatever.

There's Frog leaving his home.

And there's Robo! That's it!

It's an ending, I guess, what more is there to say?