Corridors of Time

We survived the Blackbird experience, and even got some new wings because of it. Otherwise, though, we're a bit lost. Crono's dead, and we're still nowhere closer to defeating Lavos...

If you didn't convince the woman in Zeal Palace to save the sapling then, you can do it here instead, so you're never locked out of that particular side quest.

There is a mysterious man that has mysteriously appeared. How mysterious.

Japanese version implies he washed up after us, which is why we missed him earlier.

Also Alfador is still alive, so you can all release a sigh of relief.

Ambient Sound - Ocean

Nothing but a mysterious sparkle...

Seems like Magus survived the fall of the Ocean Palace, too.

You may wonder why I didn't bring Frog here, and that's mainly because I'll be saving him for the JERK run for reasons. But priority for who speaks with Magus goes from Frog to Marle to Lucca, which makes sense considering Frog's history with the man and all.

Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of its people.

Lavos's Theme

This power is beyond human control!
No...! We'll be dragged into the warp!

B, but!?

One by one...

...the three Gurus disappeared...

...followed by Janus.

The fates of Schala and Queen Zeal were never known.

As for the others...

As we already saw, Melchior got sent to a year close to 1000AD, where all he could do was peddle weapons in a relatively peaceful era, essentially giving up on the past.

Belthasar, of course, was sent to a future ravaged by Lavos, and due to a combination of that and watching those he cared for leave him behind, spent all his remaining years researching and preparing his time machine in the hopes that some heroes might try to save the world, past, present, and future, from the destruction of Lavos.

But as for Gaspar...

We may have an idea now as to who that random old man at the End of Time may be.

Finally, Janus was sent to the Middle Ages, right before Ozzie and his Mystics.


And now it comes full circle. Janus ended up falling in with Ozzie due to his magical powers, and used the Mystics to fulfill his ultimate goal: to summon and defeat the demon that took his sister from him.

I have waited to even the score. You interrupted me just when I had summoned Lavos to my castle.

Being from the future, my knowledge of the past enabled me to convince the Queen that I was a mighty oracle.

Unimaginable is the power of Lavos. Anyone who dares to certain doom.

Battle with Magus

This man nearly led the nation of Guardia to ruin, killed Cyrus, cursed Frog, and tried to stop us at every turn, solely for the sake of revenge.

Yet...what's the point of even fighting him now? What would killing Magus accomplish?

Ambient Sound - Ocean

Either way, Crono is still dead. Magus is now stuck in this era, significantly weakened and unable to hinder us anymore. Killing him won't make Marle, nor Lucca, nor even Frog feel any better.

Let him be. We need to move on and find a new path...

And now for something that surprised me the first time I stumbled into it...

Yes, Magus, that Magus, is joining our party.'re joking?!

We have a lead to bringing back Crono.

And, yes, we have freaking Magus on our team.

So what happens if we do fight Magus? Well, we fight Magus, of course. I'll show off that route in the JERK updates, but if you fight him, you will not recruit him, and it will change a thing or two. He will still give you the lead to Gaspar if you win, and if you have Frog in your party, Frog will insist on fighting Magus alone, which is definitely doable. But more on that at a later time.

As for Magus the character, obviously his magic stats are pretty solid, including a high magic defense, while his power is on par with Frog's. His weapon of choice is the scythe, and he uses the same damage formula as Crono/Frog/Robo.

The Amulet is the same one that Schala gave to him and prevents all status effects.

Magus starts with Fire/Ice/Lightning 2, which are identical to the versions cast by Lucca/Marle/Crono, except Magus's versions do around 30% more damage, and that's before you factor in his high Magic stat. The only issue is that these spells are expensive, so a Gold Stud is nice to have for Magus. Or at least it would be, if Crono hadn't been wearing it when he died. All the more reason to bring him back, then!

The other thing about Magus is that he has no Dual Techs at all, which suits his loner persona. As for Triple Techs, well, that can wait a bit.

When Magus runs, he glides in the air.

And as a nice treat, if you enter the Commons with Magus, Alfador recognizes him and dotes all over him.

As fun as it'd be to play with cats, though, we've got a guy we need to bring back from the dead.


The Epoch's space-time compass has gone haywire!

Black Dream

A massive structure has risen from beneath the waves. It can only be...

It's enormous! I'm picking up a tremendous amount of spiritual power!

We have free reign to explore 12000BC, or really, everywhere everywhen now.

Pressing Select even gives us a handy map.

That said, the only thing of note in this era is the Black Omen, and we have more important things to worry about first before we start exploring everything.

There's no real hint to go here, other than the player knowing that Gaspar is likely the Old Man at the End of Time, though our party certainly doesn't know that. At any rate, it's our next lead, so let's go there.

And here's the animation when the Epoch travels time in the sky.

The Brink of Time

I didn't show it off earlier, but once we get the Epoch, this stairway will lead us to it from the End of Time.

Also everyone has new speech here.

...He was a pain, but now that he's gone... Now don't go getting any stupid ideas! He was like a brother to me!

Without Crono, everyone is depressed...

That fool... No one that young is supposed to leave this mortal coil...

Crono strong! Not gone yet! Ayla find Crono!!

Doesn't matter if HE's here or not. My attention is focused elsewhere...

Magus hangs around here, and if you recruit him, his battle theme plays.

Spekkio also has new dialogue (and a new appearance since we last visited him, but I haven't really kept up with fighting him since the rewards aren't that exciting).

You hauled in a marlin here, kids! He can use "Shadow"... And he could probably teach me a thing or two!

Obviously Spekkio has nothing to teach Magus.

All that's left to do here is talk to the old man...


I have nothing to give you but this song. It's called ...

Far Off Promise

We've heard this song a few times before, and this can be considered Marle's Theme since it plays when we recruit her at the end of time. It's also known as "Crono and Marle - Far Off Promise".

Only the Guru of Time can help us now...

If Magus has priority here (which he has over all characters but Marle), this triggers some extra dialogue.

So that's your story... And just LOOK at you now... You've become quite formidable!

Seems the old man recognizes Magus.

Heard of him, of course, but what do you want with him?
He bring Crono back to life! He strong.
To bring back lost loved ones... It's what everyone wants...

...Unfortunately we have no help here but the kind words of an old man lost in the fabric of time.

Where else could the Guru of Time be...?


Egg! Ayla hungry, want eat!

By unleashing a specific course of events, it can have a powerful effect on time. Ask the one who made the Epoch, your Wings of Time, how to hatch it...

But the Chrono Trigger gives you the potential to get your friend back... The egg will have an effect equal to the effort you put into your search. No more, and no less.

I get's you, isn't it...?
It's you, isn't it?!...


And now our party knows the truth.

And now all three Gurus have helped us on our journey thus far, though it is far from over.

Now we must visit Keeper's Dome and see what Belthasar left for us...

Sealed Door

Belthasar's Nu still sleeps on, at least until we awaken it.

But to activate this power, the deceased must be important to the space-time continuum. And you MUST have a clone identical to that person. Only then, can a Chrono Trigger work its magic...

By the Clone, Belthasar means the doll that Crono won in the Millenial Fair from Norstein Bekkler. Yes, that neat little thing that shows off a few frames of Crono is an important plot item.

If we didn't already have it, Belthasar would tell us about Norstein Bekkler the magician and his clone-making prowess, and how he likes festivals. But since we already did all that, we can just go to Crono's house and grab the doll.

There's just a...slight problem.

At the Bottom of Night


I hope he's behaving. Tell him to be good, all right?
...Um, listen, I...umn, I mean...
Yes, dear?
We'd like to borrow this doll for a bit.

Well, that was awkward.

Uh, yeah. Sure...

One thing to mention is the Black Omen now spans all eras from 12000BC to 2300AD. An eerie reminder of everything to have happened so far...

For now, let's continue with our mission.

Sealed Door

The time has come for you to attempt "Death Peak." It's the only chance you have of reviving your friend.

Three such creatures pop up, then fly off.

This ends my message. Now I must ask you for a favor.

We've heard everything we needed to. Might as well fulfill Belthasar's final request.

Next time, we scale Death Peak and maybe, just maybe, we'll bring back Crono...