I was gonna just lump this stuff in with Partitio's Chapter 1, but enough happens that it's a bit too big to properly fit in there, so enjoy this mini update as we travel to Oresrush.

First, we change one guy I'll never use for another guy I'll never use.

Then I buy a Protective Earring since it's cheap and Temenos likes defense.

We've got a bit of a journey ahead of us. There's a couple ways to get to the western continent, but we'll be going south, into the Brightlands.

The Brightlands

This is where the more well-off cities of New Delsta and Clockbank are. We'll visit those in due time of course, but for now we have other matters.

Lots of rivers, bridges, and random containers strewn about around here.

Each region has its own beast race, and for the Brightlands it's the City Ratkin.

None of these foes have any interesting attacks, so I'll mostly just show off new enemy types and then move on.

Fruit Baskets spread the effect to the entire party, though they're not very strong. For Plums, this means party-wide SP recovery, which can be very handy even if it's not much.

A Night Raven at Day.

The path to Clockbank has a lot of powerful foes, so it'll be awhile until we can go there. New Delsta is along the way, might as well stop by there so I can fast travel to it later.

Don't worry, we will come back to that house in the top-right in due time. I want to prepare a bit first.

A free sword upgrade isn't bad, even if we can't use it yet.

The Brightlands (Night)

I'm not gonna show it quite yet, but I do briefly go to New Delsta for future convenience. It was on the way so why not?

Also it became night when we reached New Delsta. I could just switch back to day, but eh, why not stick to night? Plus it's an excuse to share the night theme here.

Here's our journey so far. We're gonna go north and then west at the branch, as there's a port at the end of that road.

I pick up Luminiscence because target-all attacks are invaluable, and this lets Temenos learn Resilience. This is a mistranslation, it buffs the amount Temenos heals, so it'll definitely come in handy later on.

Luminecence in action. It's beautiful.

Getting close!

There's that ocean breeze.

A consumable that can inflict Poison. Poison's decent on random foes, but gets nerfed against bosses. Usually there's better use of a turn than trying to inflict Poison anyway.

These lovely creatures are back as well.

We can sail directly west to Crackridge Harbor, which will bring us to the Wildlands, or we can spend 1500 to go to Toto'haha and then sail from there to Canalbrine in The Harborlands. Since we're heading to the Wildlands, the choice is simple enough.

Pretty much a straight shot to the west.

The Wildlands

This one is my personal favorite of the region themes.

Personally, I think that rumor has the ring of truth to it. Heh heh heh...

This place is pretty barren at day, so let's briefly switch to night.

The Wildlands (Night)

Of course, most of these folk hit a bit too hard to really coerce.

This place is busier at night, as many people desire to flee and live new lives on the other side of the sea. Of course, some are at least going to be happy endings.

oh nevermind

Of course, some people are just jerks.

And some are just way in over their heads.

And some things are probably just better off left alone.

It probably goes without saying, but you can't beat up children in this game. Well, most children.

Anyway, there's a small easter egg if we visit later after doing another character's Chapter 1, so we'll be back eventually. For now, let's resume our journey.

This will be convenient for when we get a dagger user.

That said, while we're in the right region, we still have to make a bit of a march to reach Oresrush.

The Leaflands

Naturally, the Leaflands is a forested region. The nearest town here is Cropdale, but it's a bit out of our way so we'll visit there later.

This is the first enemy I've encountered without a weakness to staves nor light magic. I flee instead.

This is a new food item to join Grapes, Plums, and Pomegranates. While those heal HP/SP/BP respectively, Lychees fill up your Latent Power.

This region is really nice to wander through, if nothing else.

We're finally getting close to Oresrush. Just a little longer...!


Oresrush, Pioneer Town

Next time, we'll recruit our next party member and learn his story.