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Heart's Lament

And the sun hangs low.

I should be getting back.

Rita! Elena!

Long have I toiled in your shadow. But now I've taken all that once was yours.

This, Osvald, is my answer.


You've gotta stay alert... I'm counting on you.

The Winterlands (Night)

We're not home free yet. We escaped the prison, but we still have to escape this island. And that's gonna be the hard part...

Completely surrounded by ocean, days away from the nearest continent...

But, one step at a time.

Don't celebrate yet. They know we've escaped.
Then what do you propose we do next, Professor? And I'd like an answer before we f-freeze to death...

(The inspectors' vessel should be docked at the pier, and yet... The warden likely told them about our escape.)

We don't have many options, so all we can do is push forward and hope an answer presents itself.

After a bit more of a trek...

Damn, you were right... Even the inspectors have heard about us. What do we do now?

We can't stow away on their ship now. We'll make other arrangements.


That was inevitable. We have to prevent this from causing further commotion.

Easier done than said.

At least this should buy some time. But we're still kinda stuck right now.


(We can't use the inspectors' ship as we planned. We'll need something else...)

If you have any bright ideas, do share them quickly!


You're a fantastic assistant, Emerald.

If we have no ship, then we will make our own.
Surely you're joking...

Nay. We are human, and have the intellect to prove it.

I give you our ice boat.

The Winterlands (Night)

You made a boat... I can hardly believe my eyes...

I once heard of a town blanketed in snow and divided by a river.

Entire horse-drawn carriages crossed over the ice bridges without incident. And I wouldn't have recalled it if not for you.

And there's no chance of the boat melting in this cold.

Well, that's one way to escape. Probably not the most luxurious of methods to sail the seas, but it's functional enough.

Just gonna have to maybe lay off the Fireballs for a bit.

I have to say, the boat's surprisingly sturdy.
Of course it is. Do not doubt my ice magic.

(They'll continue their pursuit, even if we manage to reach the mainland.)

(I hoped to sink the inspectors' vessel before we reached shore. It was to look like an accident...and ensure we were presumed dead.)

I've been meaning to ask you something, Professor.
Go on.

...Did you do it?

I've been on Frigit Isle a long time. I've met more prisoners than I care to remember.

No...there's something different about you.




It's four days' journey to the mainland if we're lucky! We'll likely freeze to death by then!

That won't be easy, with everyone out there looking for you. They'll deploy fleets from Frigit and the mainland, trapping you at sea.

Heh. Well I won't know that until I try, will I?



It's look like it's just Osvald now. But there's something odd about Emerald deciding to ditch us at the last minute...

Who is Emerald?

Nothing left to do but finally leave this island.

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I... Agh...!

I'll never make it out on this ship. They'll just arrest me again. Only one thing left to do...

Heart's Lament

So I might as well put it to good use!

His actions drew the attention of the guards.

Allowing my small boat to escape unnoticed.

And not only that...

I doubt anyone is chasing me now.

They have no way of knowing

that Emerald and I split up.

They're likely to assume that I was also

aboard the inspectors' sinking ship.

Emerald seemingly sacrificed himself solely so Osvald could do what he set out to do. A true and loyal confidant to the end...

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You must be exhausted.

Oh, Osvald...

To get you looking presentable again. To make you some goulash, with Elena.
Rita, I...
Alas, my dear, I cannot.

So you cannot stay here. For it is not yet time.

Welcome to the small fishing village of Cape Cold.

Found you collapsed on the beach, nearly frozen to death. Only the faintest hint of breath in you.

But you're the first to do so alive.



Forgive me, but I could not resist a look through your personal effects. I, too, am a scholar! Though not one of any renown, mind.

Come now, this is the least I could do.


Osvald, the Scholar

(Harvey... You took everything from me...)

And so ends Osvald's tale for today.

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