Village of Beastlings

This time we have a pair of settlements to explore. The east side has humans, the west side has beastlings.

Though Ochette's story makes the humans here seem greedy, those we saw seem to be the minority. Some people here actually want to work with and befriend the beastlings, like this woman.

Speaking of which, this leads us to today's side story.

I wanna know more about beastlings, and be their friend, but how?

That seems like something to look out for. Any way we can strengthen the ties between these two people is a good path to follow.

Seems that girl Ochette rescued has developed a new taste for jerky.

I...guess that's one way to keep your feelings in balance? Dunno, there's probably better ways to manage your stress...

I'm always happy to grab some Pomegranate Leaves.

Of course, some of these people are just racist jerks, even if it's the result of one's own self-loathing.

That spicy chicken dish they made was delicious!

Tropu'hopu is a large fishing settlement/resort town on the eastern side of the continent and where most of the humans on Toto'haha reside. We'll go there at a later date.

For such a small settlement, there's a good variety of personalities here.

This is where the leader Cohazeh resides, but she's nowhere to be found, day or night.

Yeah, I can see how that can be a problem for a lookout.

My ancestor's writings were not a work of fiction after all!

It's good to keep in mind that humans haven't really explored Toto'haha until recently, like the past twenty years or so, which means most people are still unfamiliar with beastlings and know little about them.

Village of Beastlings (Night)

Before we visit the beastlings, let's check out this settlement's night life.

Hey, more free stuff!

Didn't a beastling hunter just whip your ass hard? Maybe you should follow your own advice and give way.

Gotta love people who will let their stubborn hatred ruin their lives.

Oh yeah I knock him out and take his bow.

It feels like overall the anti-beastling sentiment is in the minority, and the young generation in particular wants to befriend them.

Anyway, not much else to do here, so...

Village of Beastlings

...on to the actual Beastling Settlement!

There's still little known about Beastlings, at least right now, but they seem to enjoy simple lives and are mostly immune to the greed that many humans have. They just want to chill and enjoy life, and hell, same.

oh no what have i done

I too hate when I am too good at my job.

A profound philosophical discovery by a hungry child.

Seems there's a lot that could be learned from beastling tailoring, and perhaps they could learn a lot from human designs and methods as well.

Everybody has to grow up someday. Some want to stay in the same place forever, others want to travel the world, see everything they can possibly see.

Moving this guy isn't very doable right now. Throné's too low level, Ochette hasn't gotten any good monsters yet since we just recruited her, and I'd blow all my good sleeping herbs just to knock this one guy out with Castti. I can wait.

E jaolrab his gi foy "ghormf"!

Not really sure how language works with beastlings, other than they have a rudimentary grasp of human language.

And yet I would spend another lifetime here if I could. This view is home. It is the landscape I love.

Oh yeah, Juvah's here just chilling. One of the travelers that explored this island befriended Juvah and taught him the human language, which he thus taught to others, particularly Ochette.

While Juvah is not fond of most humans, even he has to respect Partitio's business acumen.

Village of Beastlings (Night)

Time to enjoy the peace of night.

She has an end-game axe, but we're not gonna be able to take it from her for a long time. Likewise, I doubt we can successfully coerce her without taking an axe to the skull.

Nothing really exciting, of course, but that's not a bad thing here.

Except for this guy maybe.

I get the feeling he's going to leave eventually, but that's another story that we'll never get a resolution to, at least in this journey.

Anyway, there's one more beastling to chat with...

Village of Beastlings

Giving amulet... Making friends. Wanting, wanting!

We have two kids that want to be friends, so why not help them out?

I mean, completely fair.

...Wait! I've heard of this! When beastlings wanna make friends with someone, they give them an amulet!

Without telling any grown-ups, obviously.

Looks like we've resolved another minor dilemma.

And they've become fast friends!

Next time, we peruse the lost-and-found on behalf of a clumsy merchant.