Seaside Town

Don't have much content to fill this with today, so here's a short update.

The last time I remember seeing it was in town in the Brightlands... After that, I boarded a ship heading this way via Toto'haha...

Seems simple enough. Retrace this traveler's steps to recover...what was it again?

Ah, yes. It's good to know what we're looking for, after all!

Let's work backwards. Let's check the port in Toto'haha and go from there.


The problem is, I have no idea which how can I get it back to them?

Well that was easy!

We're almost done, but might as well show off something while we're here.

So as you know, there's day and night cycles.

Toto'haha (Night)

However, time still passes in each iteration. You'll never go between day and night in one screen without pressing the "Change Time" button, but day will reach dusk, and night will reach dawn.

Basically, if we stick around for a few minutes during the night, eventually a beastling vendor will arrive.

She sells somewhat-rare food items for cheap. These give various buffs and stat recovery, and are pretty nice items for the price.

Also I sell all my vendor fodder because why not. Never know when we'll need a ton of cash!

Seaside Town

Alright, back to the quest resolution.

We met on the road and found each other oddly pleasant company. After that, we stuck together on our travels. He told me he left home because there was nothing there but desert. He wanted more, and hoped to find it on his travels.

That was his dying wish. I can't thank you enough for finding this.

Glad that's all been resolved.

If only we had an ally familiar with Hinoeuma...

...Actually, we'll get one next time, when we recruit our final character!