It's time to do our first Crossed Paths. There are four such Crossed Paths quests, one for each pair of characters, and each one has two parts. The first is unlocked after the characters finish (one of) their Chapter 2 quests. The second is unlocked after you finished the stories of both characters.

The first such pair is Temenos and Throné. This requires taking both characters to Flamechurch.

Video: Rumors of Treasure

Flamechurch, Sacred Light (Night)

Though I suppose there's nothing really "sweet" about it...
A cathedral...

...Not really. I just remembered something.

Hah... There's not a thief out there who doesn't love treasure.

...Is that a coin?

I once made a bet with my companions on whether the rumors were true or not.

Alpates... That name does sound familiar.

I would love to, but alas. I am a messenger of the gods, and you a thief...
I'm not looking to steal anything. I just want to see if the rumors are true.
So you say, but something tells me you have other motives.

These crossed paths quests are usually pretty light and short, more an opportunity for these characters to bounce off each other, since a lack of interaction between the travelers was one of the original game's biggest criticisms.

Anyway, we need clues.

Well, if this man is that forgetful...


Yeah, there we go.

The pontiff once swore me to secrecy, you see...
...How intriguing.
But we must speak elsewhere. Take me to the pontiff's chambers in the cathedral.

This is literally one of Temenos's quotes upon finishing a battle. This seems like a man Temenos would have great respect for.

Well, we know what to do next.

Flamechurch, Sacred Light

Fun little QoL change, if you've already got a companion and a story quest requires you to recruit another, you'll automatically get your original companion back when you finish with that character. This is especially useful for characters who need resources to recruit NPCs, like Ochette and Partitio.

A quick jaunt to the cathedral later...

Yes, thank you. This may look like an ordinary bookshelf, but...

Well, my, my, my...
Now then, my job here is done. Do with this knowledge what you will.

What a strange old man...

A hidden passageway... Perhaps His Holiness wasn't so holy after all. But to go so far just to hide a single treasure?

Well, this must be a very valuable treasure if the pontiff both went to such lengths to hide it, and was so secretive he didn't even tell Temenos.

Indeed, we must scale to the upper heights of the cathedral, to areas otherwise unnoticed.

And so the treasure lies behind this door...

Video: Alpates


Someone's here. What shall we do, Temenos?

Oh, a friend of His Holiness... My sincerest apologies.

...So Alpates isn't a treasure?

The pontiff has safeguarded us here for years. No one comes but to bring us food.
You've been here your whole life?

A caged bird? Haha. I suppose you could say that.

I'm afraid the pontiff longer with us.
Ah... I see...

...What are you looking at? Are we such an unusual sight?

Yes... it burns within both of you.

There is something I must leave with you. Please, take this.

Is this meant to be treasure? It looks more like tra--


...Your mission? Just where are you going?

You can barely stand. Perhaps you should rest before going on your way.

Let us meet again someday.

Video: A Bet Among Friends

Just who was that woman?
The pontiff kept her a secret, even from me. She must be very important...

It doesn't matter. It looks like there was no treasure in the end.

Bygone Days

Shrouded in mystery, said to have been left behind by the gods.
Must not've been very important then. Hah!

Your gut's never steered us wrong before. What's say we have a bet?
Let's. I say that there is a treasure.
Then we bet...there's not.

Even you, Pirro?
Every thief knows it's best to play it safe.
How perfectly dull of you...

Well, we'll find out the truth if the gods decide to show us any favor.
I'll hold on to these until then.

(It looks like I lost our bet.)


The rare time Throné loses a bet. At least it's finally settled and paid.

As for Alpates, who knows if and when we'll see her again. For now, it's time to move on to other journies. Until next time!