Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Another city, another acquaintance to help out again.

I have been traveling to help teach the poor and spread knowledge to all equally and without restriction. These curious children gathered here to learn. But I do not have the tools they need to study. How can they study without study materials?

Simple enough task. We have to find some study materials.

But is it true that he really doesn't want any money? I feel there must be some trick here...

This isn't what we're looking for, but it is vendor trash!

This kid's a natural craftsman.

And this girl loves books, even if she can't read them.

So might as well help her out a bit!

Also we can't get her item until we unlock this dungeon.

Anyway, the materials are here in Noblecourt, but it took me way too long to find this NPC hiding over here.

Heheh... They may call it rubbish, but it's still plenty good to me!

Yet another charming backstory.

Anyway, those Tools of Learning are what we need. After I buy them (and steal the rest of his junk)...

Alright, let's get these children educated!

Thank you so much! Now I can finally begin my lessons!

Professor Theracio! Please, how do you read this word?

Professor, I don't understand... Why did the person in this story risk his life to get back home?
Because if he did not, he would have betrayed his true friend. And there is no greater crime than to betray someone who has been true to you.

Professor, do you know why the sky is blue?
Haha... It's beautiful, isn't it? The brilliant blue sky. You see, I think that there are places that the light can reach, and other places which the light cannot reach...

Thank you for teaching us, Professor Theracio!
Thank you!

And it seems that the adults in the village will be happy to continue teaching the children once I leave. Now I am even more determined than ever to travel to other lands and continue spreading knowledge! I can't wait to see those children dedicate themselves to their studies and grow into fine adults!

Thank you again for helping me toward achieving my goals! I will set out to bring learning to the children of another land!

Short but simple.

With the books that he left with us, we'll be able to carry on teaching the children now.

But we had a small part in helping educate wide-eyed children, and isn't that reward enough?

Next time, we educate even more wide-eyed children as we begin Ophilia's Chapter 2.