The path to Saintsbridge has quite a few people, but none of them concern us today.

Nor do the hideous enemies that make this area home.

Music: River of Life

No, today we're here to continue Ophilia's pilgrimage, reigniting the Sacred Flame in the cathedral of Saintsbridge.

We welcome you to our parish, Sister Ophilia. I am Bartolo, the bishop of Saintsbridge.

I am deeply sorry for the sudden change in plans, Bishop Bartolo.
Think nothing of it, child. I head of the archbishop's illness... You have my sympathies.
You are too kind, Your Excellency.

And yet there is also much to be gained for one who undertakes it with an open heart and mind. It will take every ounce of strength and courage, but for the sake of our church and our realm, pray see it through to the end.
Thank you, Your Excellency. I promise you I will.

The warm light of the Sacred Flame guides and shelters us all, to the depths of our hearts and souls.

I stood in this same spot and witnessed the rite twenty years ago. At that time, the Flame burned strong, but now it wanes and flickers.

Do you believe it some sort of omen, Your Excellency?
That I cannot say. But I do believe the Kindling will restore our flame to its former vigor. And now, Sister Ophilia, if you will...
Of course, Your Excellency. I will begin at once.

Video: Performing the Kindling


To you I offer my soul and my blood. With your First Flame, I kindle this fire. May it forever shelter the people of this land. Through the sacrament of the Kindling, grant us your mercy and your blessing.

It seemed to have worked!

Music: River of Life

You must be tired after your long journey. Please take this time to rest and recover.
Thank you for the kind offer, Your Excellency.

You honor us, Sister Ophilia. But should you not rest first?
I am stronger than I look, Your Excellency. I shall return.

So, yeah, Ophilia's already done what she needed to do here. The rest of this chapter is more character-building for Ophilia than anything.

Really, that's how all the characters' stories are structured. Chapter 1 introduces us to a character, and Chapter 2 gives us more insight in their personality. It's really all the Chapter 3's that these respective stories pick up steam. Until then, many of these are relatively light-hearted, and Ophilia's Chapter 2 is probably the most upbeat in the game, but more on that once we get into the actual meat of the chapter. Until then, have some banter.

What's the matter, Professor? You look agitated.
I never thought the day would come when I'd witness the Kindling with my own eyes.

So you've heard tell of the Kindling before?
But of course! It is one of the central rites of the church, held every twenty years. The embers borne from Flamesgrace feed the sacred fires across the land. Many people know of the Kindling, but few have the opportunity to witness it first hand. It shall be the experience of a lifetime!

Cyrus is enthusiastic about everything. He just loves learning and experiencing as much of the world as he can.

Here's the outside of the cathedral, which also triggers another banter.

Especially lion's ear and sweet wormwood--a dash of each makes nearly every salve better. When I was studyin' to be an apothecary, I sometimes journeyed out here in search of ingredients.
Is that so?
Here, look at this one. White skullcap, they call it. The petals are good for fevers. I grind them with root starch and honey...
Oh, it's wonderful!
Ain't it? It was one of the first medicines I learned.

I s'ppose it is pretty to look at. Here, you can have this one if you like.
Why, Alfyn. You are too kind.
Shucks. If you like flowers that much, I can pick plenty more for you.
I'd like that.

Octopathers. Horny.

So if we've already finished the Kindling, what will the bulk of this chapter be about? Let's find out!

Video: The Bully and the Bullied

Music: Tranquil Days

I am sorry! I am!
You think that if you cry, that'll make everything all right?
I'm sorry... I said I was sorry...

I...I'm sorry, Derryl...
Sorries aren't going to bring back his brooch! You know how important it was to him!
Why don't you tell me what happened?

You said it, Derryl.
We'll be back for you later, Emil. If you know what's good for you, you better find that brooch.

I'm Sister Ophilia. I am a cleric, journeying on behalf of the church.
Journeying...? Oh! Are you here for the Kindling?
That's right. But I've wrapped up with the rite, sooo...

Y-You'd really do that for me?
I really would. So cheer up, got it?
Thank you, miss--I mean, Sister! Thank you, Reverend Sister!

This is where you last saw it?
Yeah... Derryl bumped into me, and I guess that's when he dropped it.
Is that so...?


She died just the other week...

That's very kind of you, Emil.
Derryl can be rough sometimes, but we're all friends. It's just that...well, after his mum died like that... He's always so angry about everything...

Of course. He'll see how hard you worked to make him feel better. I'm sure he'll come around.

(I think we've searched enough for the moment. Perhaps it's time for a word with Derryl.)

As you may have guessed, this entire chapter involves Ophilia mediating a dispute between two children. It's even more upbeat and lower-stakes than any of Tressa's chapters, so this generally isn't a popular chapter for most people.

But hell, I like it. It shows the kind of person Ophilia really is, and it's a nice simple character story, even if it's something as simple as two kids having a fight because of a tragedy that had befallen one of them. It does what it sets out to do very well, and I think it's underrated as a chapter due to how simple and low-stakes everything is.

For now, let's have some more banter.

Music: River of Life

That's right.
Let me help, Ophilia. Between the two of us, we're sure to find it.
Thank you, Primrose!
I'll start looking over here.

Why? Is something wrong with them?
(What do I do? Her legs are quite exposed in those garments... But I don't know if I can say such a thing...)

The sooner we find the brooch, the sooner those children can be friends again.

In addition to just being plain goofy, it makes sense Primrose has an interest in helping a child find a memento of a lost parent.

We've had no luck finding the brooch, so let's see if we can get Derryl in a more forgiving mood.

You're that sister from before... Well, did you find my brooch?
Nope, still missing.

We're both looking for it as hard as we can, so why don't you forgive Emil, okay?
It's his fault that it's gone! I'll forgive him when it's back!
Not until you get it back? How sad...

Yes, you are the sad one. I know the pain you must be feeling.

There is nothing as painful as losing a loved one. But do you not love your friends as well?

He doesn't know how I feel, and neither do you! Nobody does! How could he understand!? He still has a mum!

Searching for his friend...
Yeah, right. I bet he's given up and gone home by now!

At this point, the cutscene ends and we regain control, which leads to more banter.

Is something the matter, Tressa?
I'm just thinking about Derryl. He seems so spoiled, even for a kid!

No, Tressa! You can't do that! The poor child has been through so much. Lecturing him now will just make things worse.
I know what I'm doing, Ophilia. I'll even take some candy with me!
Candy...? Oh! To cheer him up, you mean?


Yeah, I think it's safe to say Ophilia/Tressa is by far my favorite banter pairing. Ophilia simply has no idea how to handle Tressa.

Anyway, after we steal Derryl's money...

...we need to Guide him.

Just leave me alone!

Though it's going to take a bit more time than usual to win him over.

Yeah? What is it?
You'll see when we get there.

Where else would we take him?

Video: A True Friend

Emil... He's really looking for it?

You know, Derryl... Emil told me something.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

But he hoped--if he could only find your brooch--that you might be friends again.
Emil said that?

...Y-you did?
I was a little younger than you are now. I asked myself over and over, "Why am I the only one whose life is so miserable?"

At first, I had closed my heart to them in my sorrow. I didn't even try to see how much they cared.

(Lianna was always there for me...)

If you close your heart, you'll never realize just how much your friends care about you. Do you understand what I mean, Derryl?

It's not my fault! I didn't make Emil do anything! If he wants to search, let him! Why is everyone always blaming me!?
I'm not blaming you for anything.
Huh? B-but you just said...

Perhaps you're feeling guilty for making your friend feel bad, hm?

B-but I...I'm not...
Here, I'll come with you. Let's go.

Ophilia does a fantastic job with Derryl here. She understand what he's went through, so she's able to get him to be honest with himself and try to help him open up after the trauma he's been through. And of course Ophilia putting so much effort into making these two friends again shows how caring and kind-hearted she truly is.

Also, I like "Enveloped in Kindness" a whole lot, even if it gets incredibly overplayed in many of the Side Stories. But this is probably one of the moments it shines strongest, working perfectly as a backdrop to one of the game's most heartfelt moments.

Music: River of Life

What is it?
He's gone.

Oh. I...I just...
And you're Nate, yes?

We were looking for Emil. Have you seen him? He was here just a short time ago.
Oh yeah, I saw him running off after some dog.
A dog?
Yeah, just a few minutes ago. There was this dog, and it had something shiny in its mouth.

That way? Toward the forest?
The forest?

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

That forest is full of monsters! We're not allowed to go anywhere near it!

Ah, it'll be fine. Just think about it. Emil's a total coward, right? There's no way he'd go into that forest on his own. I bet he's running home now, crying all the way!

Hey, what's your problem? You know what Emil's like.

I mean, we need a dungeon and a boss, right? Gotta get those somehow!

Let's close things off with banter about dogs.

Music: River of Life

When dogs catchen prey they aren too full to eat, they oft buryen it for safekeeping. They aren collectors, and hiden away sticks, toys, and old bones, too.
So you think the dog may have buried Derryl's heirloom?
The dog meant no malice. It actede solely upon instinct.

As a hunter, I feare them more.
As do I, to be honest. I pray that Derryl and Emil are unharmed...
A shalt leave the praying to thee. But for now, leten us keepen moving.

And now you know more about dogs!

Next time, we rescue the children and hope they become friends again. It'll pretty much be what you expect, honestly.