Music: River of Life

I know, I know. You've been waiting a long time for this day, but finally, we get to once again see the magnificent Meryl. It's but for a brief moment, but let us appreciate what little time we'll have with her to delight in her full splendor.

Oh, it's you again! I'm still traveling the realm in search of my mother. But this blackguard suddenly set upon me and won't let me go!

Meryl is so brave and so wonderful to go on such a journey alone. Truly our tales are nothing compared to what she has experienced so far.

If you care not for my words, then blame your own wicked house!

This poor soul has not yet learned that he is in the presence of a being whose grace and wonder surpasses that of a goddess. Truly we must educate him on his ignorance.


Thank you again, friend.

Whereupon he flew into a sudden rage...

Gerster...? Could that be the house where I was born?
...What's that? You don't know where you come from?
I was given away by my real mother when I was an infant. I'm on a journey to find her...

House Gerster was once the most powerful clan in the lands along the river. But then the Gersters incited war. Much blood was spilled, and they ended up destroyed. I came from a noble house, too, and we were ruined along with them.

...A sad tale, sir. The Gersters wrong you, and for that I apologize.

Sir, I do not know if I truly was of that house...

I cannot pretend to be indifferent, when I have come searching for them.

Meryl is so wonderful a human being that she is willing to take the full blame of the failings of a family she may not even be a part of, and if that means enduring the hatred of a wronged man, so be it. Truly an inspiration for us all.

Listen. House Gerster was ruined, but if you're looking for your mother...

Why, thank you. Then I shall continue my search.

Even the most hate-filled man cannot maintain such darkness when in the presence of Meryl.

I'm just grateful we were able to play even the tiniest part in Meryl's continued quest to find the wonderful woman that had the privilege of giving birth to Meryl.

Children are born innocent. They can't be held to task for the sins of their parents.

Unsurprisingly, even a man who despised everything about Meryl came around to knowing how amazing and awe-inspiring a person she is. She truly enriches the lives of everyone who gets to experience her.

Next time, irrelevant fluff that has nothing to do with Meryl, who cares.