Music: River of Life

This is Saintsbridge. Two main screens plus the cathedral, there's actually not that many NPCs to interact with.

The great bridge spanning the river that runs through the center of town is also something of a landmark.

Saints means cathedral. Bridge means bridge.

Also this is Nate's older brother. Nate was kind of a jerk in the last chapter, but he's a shy kid who's finally coming out of his shell. As for what other reason, that'll have to wait a good while.

He sells grapes, of course.

This town also has a lot of family ties.

It's not a place to go traipsing for fun. If you lose your bearings in there, you'll never find your way out.

Surprise, there's a second forest dungeon here! More on that once we hit Alfyn's Chapter 3.

This is also sold in Goldshore, though it's slightly cheaper here.

Also, for a feeble old man this geezer can kick some ass. His spell deals three hits of Dark damage.

This is Derryl's father, who himself is still struggling to deal with his wife's sudden death.

He also has Pomegranates for sale.

Here's the iconic bridge of Saintsbridge, overlooking the cathedral. You can actually see other sections of the town as background fluff that we cannot reach.

The common folk live in a little hamlet southeast of where we now stand.

Such is life.

Unlike most story NPCs who disappear after each chapter, the children from Ophilia's story are still around.

Emil is, well, Emil. We already know he's a nice and helpful kid.

Like here, he's helping us with a nifty evasion accessory.

Nate has a +50SP bracelet.

For some reason, we can't Inquire/Scrutinize Derryl. We can buy this Ice Amulet if we really wanted, at least.

There's even a pair of elderly women who recently became friends.

That Rainbow Robe would be a great buy with its +167 ElemDef if we didn't already have even better robes. And I can't pass up a slightly cheaper Elemental Hat.

This woman oddly sells Silver gear.

The granddaughter of the feeble old man who can still harness powerful dark magic.

A devout and loyal knight.

Three ice hits. Some good Summon fodder in this town!

Also I should remember to actually Guide/Allure people.

We even get to meet Bartolo's son.

And buy his Plum Baskets.

This heals 1500HP to the party, which is really nice for a long time. If Alfyn and Ophilia didn't render healing concerns moot, this guy would be fantastic to have.

A cathedral is a perfectly natural place to show off your weaponry.

A bow so nice we can't even buy it. It's the fifth-most powerful bow in the game, and the Crit boost is really nice as well. He also has an Unerring Necklace that gives +80 Accuracy.

Some odd weapons, including a PhysAtk-focused staff. I'm sure there's a use or two for it.

Next time, the return of a beloved fan favorite.