Music: River of Life

Today we'll conclude Chapter Two (as far as this LP goes, all the side stories are really a Chapter 2/3 combo and the last update was really a Chapter 1 side quest, but details) by concluding part two of this bizarre love story.


Ahh... I feel like I've been searching all my life for that one perfect person...

Lyblac... It seems I truly do mean nothing to her.

So Part 2 of this side story...has nothing to do with Lyblac at all. Instead we need to help Alphas get laid.

"My perfect piece, what was missing from my soul. When I think of thee, strength flows through me. My sword exists only to protect thee."

Did you know Alphas was a poet? Maybe if we shared this with every woman in the world, one will somehow fall for it and we'll get Alphas his happy ending.

Let's start our world-wide quest with this woman who doesn't appear until after we start this side story.

I know he'll be someone with a good heart... I'm just waiting for him to appear. The man who will come to me and tell me of his love in his own true words...

If only we had such words to tell her...


Would you read it once more for me?


And yet...there is a warmth within them... I feel as if I know just what kind of man he must be, from this poem...

S-such clumsy words as mine found favor with such a lovely lady as yourself.
They did... They moved me greatly. I could feel from your words what a kind heart you must have.

You may. And you may call me Flora.
A beautiful name...for a beautiful woman.
Sir Alphas...

So we helped the lovestruck fool find his soulmate. We've successfully solved the puzzle of Daughter of the Dark God Part Two!

Hehehe... It seems I might have finally have found him... My perfect man...

And even Lyblac has found her perfect man! A happy ending for everyone!

The only problem is that we never got to meet this daughter of the dark god. Oh well, some things are best left a mystery.

I knew at once that this was the man I had been waiting so long for.

But is fate that we should have found one another in this way.

We'll be sticking around Saintsbridge, as next time we begin Chapter 3 with Alfyn.