Sometimes when you talk to your fellow travelers, they'll get free stuff from their various misadventures.

We're now in Chapter 3! Now we're in the second half of all these stories. If the first chapter was the introduction and the second chapter a deeper look at their personalities, the third chapters are the conflicts that set up the finales of the final chapters.

Today we'll be starting with Alfyn.

Video: A Life Not Worth Saving



As ye can see, this nick's left me too injured to stand.
Show it to me.

Wha--!? You one o' them apothecaries, is that it?
What's it to you?

Before that...answer me one thing.

Music: Creeping Dread

'Fraid you're out of luck, friend.

W-wait! Have some mercy! Ye can't just leave a man to die!

And who in the hells are you?
Name's Alfyn. And despite appearances, I'm a traveling apothecary myself.
A fellow druggist, is it? Well, listen up--I'm a free man, with the right to choose my patients.
What's that supposed to mean?


Who does that jackass think he is...!

Sure am! And one who doesn't discriminate when it comes to those in need. Let me see that wound.

You're lucky I showed up when I did. There, that should give you a fightin' chance. But you ain't out of the woods yet. You'll need plenty of rest till it heals up.

Yer far too kind. Thank ye, er...?

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Don't mention it! You just rest up now, okay? I'll check in on you later with some vittles. I hear the grapes around these parts make for good eating.

Hate to break it to you, but not in your condition.

Aye, Alfyn... I'd like that.

Shucks. I ain't eaten yet neither.

Music: River of Life

The intro speaks for itself, and I'll get into things more later, though of course there's more than meets the eye.

For now, there are three banters available. If you don't have the right person as a lead, you'll miss one of these. I had to restart the chapter to get the third one. The banter system really is flawed...

How can he just leave that poor man to die!?
You can say that again! A man who turns his back on the sick and suffering has no right to call himself an apothecary!
If only more people could be like you! You know, we merchants have a saying...

Not even merchants set a price when it comes to helping people in trouble.
Well, I'll be. You merchants are more charitable than you let on.
So if you're ever in need, you know where to find me!

That would be a nice world to live in! Just reaffirming that Tressa and Alfyn both want to help others and do the right thing above all else.

Nothing like a flagon of mead to ease a man's cares!
I'm a regular at more than a few alehouses. Though I go for the rumors more than the drink.
Rumors? What has anyone in an alehouse to say that'd interest a man like you?

You can find all that out at the tavern?
That and more. Mead loosens tongues and gets men talking. There's quite some profit to be had in an alehouse, if you know how to listen. Not to mention, thieves themselves often drop by to share secrets and tips.
Yikes, I'd best be careful next time I'm quenching my thirst.
Heh... You can try.

I love how Alfyn is always so enthusiastic about Therion's thievery. While most of the other characters are ambivalent to barely tolerant of Therion's career, Alfyn is completely into it despite being one of the biggest goody-goodies in the party.

That won't be necessary now. He still needs rest, but the danger's passed. He's in no more need of nursing.
I'm relieved to hear that. But still... He suffered such grievous wounds. Did he not have anyone to look after him?
I couldn't say. Certain he should've seen an apothecary sooner than he did.
Well, he was blessed indeed that you arrived when you did.

Come to think of it... We'd best keep a watch over him lest he try to consume ale or spirits...

Pretty much what you expect of the two healer-type personalities. Also, Alfyn still loves his booze.

We are finally done with the banters...for now. Let's get some food and drink and take a break from healing.

Hm? What's all the hubbub?

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

I sent for help, but... Oh, look at him! He's dying!


(Hmm... Doesn't seem to be a case of food poisoning. But then what could it be...?) least, none that I know of.

For once, Alfyn has met a medical problem he can not fix.


Huh? You're that sham from before.
You again. As for whether or not I'm a sham, you can judge for yourself.

Seems to be a paroxysm of sorts. Doubtless brought on by something he ate. Sweet peas are known to cause this reaction in some people. Here, this should set things right.

Timothy! You're all right!

It's nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me...


Never seen a sham as good as that. But I can't let that shake me.

If nothing else, Ogen is a talent beyond that of Alfyn, so he didn't reject healing Miguel for lack of skill. So then why...?

For now, let's banter and heal some other people.

Music: River of Life

Now, now... Calm yourself there, friend. The boy was saved. That's no small solace, yes?
I'm not saying it isn't, but still--!
As an apothecary yourself, you are well equipped to see the extent of his wisdom and skill...

It's much the same in my own profession. I have had the honor of studying under many great thinkers. Scholars of such perspicacity and knowledge that I wondered if I could ever hope to be their equal.
...You don't say.
...Tell me. What precisely went through your mind when you realized the full extent of his apothecarial skills?

I have to get as good as him so I can ease that many more people's pain!
Oho! Now there's a splended answer if I ever heard one.
Guess I should stop mopin, and get to learnin'!
Now that's the spirit!

A long one, but quite nice. Cyrus continues being an encouraging force, guiding others to better themselves by motivating and encouraging them to learn further in their crafts. Cyrus ends up being quite a mentor for Alfyn in particular, despite not being particularly knowledgeable in medicine, simply because he knows how to get Alfyn to refocus his drive when he gets distracted, as he did just now.

Enough banter, now for the healin'.

( those two grandmas haven't been around lately. I should check and make sure they're not sick in bed.)

You may remember that guy from the Saintsbridge town write-up, and if so maybe you'll recognize the two old women as well (even though I don't think there's any proof either woman is actually a grandmother, but that's what the game's rolling with so...)

I don't think this woman even has a family, let alone being a grandma.

Finally, I can go visit my best friend again.

That was simple. Now for the other woman...

Unlike the first woman, this one gets her own cutscene.

Thank you, dearie.
Heh, don't mention it! And make sure to keep warm, okay?

Grapes...? Speaking of grapes, do you know where I could find myself a good bottle of wine?

Is everything all right, ma'am?

Music: An Ill Omen

You heard me. And that's not all...

I heard he slipped into one of the local estates, and when the butler found him, Miguel stabbed the poor man to death! The local militia has been searching for him ever since, but they can't find hide nor hair of him.

Well, that explains things. Now we know why Ogen refused to heal him.

Speaking of which...

Video: A Word of Warning

Music: Discord

So you knew.
I did.

There was far more blood on him than that from his wound. Nor did his nervous, flickering eyes do him any favors.

Still... 'Cause someone's a thief, that means you leave them to die?

We're apothecaries, not gods! It ain't our place to judge! We have a duty to help anyone who needs us! Am I wrong?

Huh? Why should I do that?
Call it curiosity. I want to see your skills for myself.
Heh. Well, if you insist. ...Here. Lookin's free.

Hear me, Alfyn. I can see the passion in your eyes, so I'll not mince words.

You can't--!

This is a challenge that Alfyn probably never expected to have. The man is a thief and a murderer, but is it right to let the man die? Can Alfyn really say whether a man deserves to live or die...?

It's a difficult question, and one that goes against Alfyn's entire nature until now.

For now, let's banter things over.

Music: River of Life

What's the matter, Primrose?
That apothecary, Ogen... His eyes are just like mine.

Er...thank you. But that wasn't quite what I meant. You see, in my work, I've met the gaze of many a man... And I've learned their eyes speak more truth than their tongues.
...You don't say. So, what did Ogen's eyes say to you?

It makes one wonder if there was something that caused Ogen to adopt his world view...and also just how deep her father's death still cuts into Primrose.

We best check up on our patient...


Ungh... Urggghhh...

Let me take a look.

(At this rate, his life is...)

I... I see...
(I'll just need to give you some stronger medicine.)

Does this man deserve saving? Before he makes that decision, Alfyn must know the truth.

I heard folks talking about ya, Miguel. Sayin' you're a thief...and a murderer.
M-murderer!? Bollocks. I was framed, I tell ye!

But hear me out--I had no choice! I needed the coin!
Enough to take a man's life?
Forgive me... I beg of ye...

It weren't always like this, Alfyn. I used to be a mercenary, and a good one at that... But things happened, and the work don't come like it used to. And so I... I...

Ye've got to help me... U-urgh... I beg o' you!

Does Alfyn have it in him to let a man die? Can he really go against his better nature?

Music: Alfyn, the Apothecary


B-believe me, I feel worse than anyone 'bout the terrible deeds I've done!


Hold tight, and I'll fix you up right as rain!


Knowing Miguel's over the hump, I can finally breathe easy.

Looks like Alfyn has successfully worked his magic and healed Miguel. Perhaps his words really got through to him...!

For now, banter.

Music: River of Life

I knowe not. But it is clear his wounds haven healed such that he might goen wandering.
...Yeah. That's a relief, at least.
Thou art a skilled healer.
Whoa! What's with the praise all of a sudden?
In but a brief time, thou didst curen that man's injuries so that he was able to risen from his sickbed.

N-now, easy on the flowery words there. You're makin' me blush.
Thou art quickly made shy when the talk turneth to thyself. My praise is not lightly offered. Thou wouldst do well to taken it to heart.
Aw, shucks... It does mean a lot to me. But still, it's not over yet. The healin', I mean. My work isn't done until Miguel is his old self again. Then you can shower me with praise all you want.

There's an odd but solid friendship and respect between Alfyn and H'aanit. They both do a good job supporting each other when they need it.

At any rate, despite Ogen's advice, Alfyn could not resist his better nature and healed Miguel back to life. But now Miguel is a changed man, and thanks to Alfyn, Miguel will make amends and do his best to live a new, honest life. It just shows that with enough optimism and a can-do attitude, anything is possible.