Music: River of Life

We still have quite a few Side Stories to burn through since a bunch more will get dumped on our laps in Chapter 4 and the post-game, so let's start knocking them out! Here's a short one for today.

Word has spread, and fewer pilgrims dare make the journey. That scoundrel must be driven off!

Simple enough.

...Thanks for missing an 80% Scrutinize, Cyrus.

This priest is someone you don't want to mess around with.

First off, that Forbidden Staff has a very high ElemAtk, though its penalty is a bizarre -100 PhysAtk and -50 Crit, which...yeah, you're generally not going to use physical attacks with a staff anyway.

Also he's the third person in this town to have a three-hit elemental spell. You really don't want to mess with the villagers here.

Music: The Riverlands

The fella we're looking for is right outside Saintsbridge.

The guy seems to have fallen on hard times, but that doesn't mean we can let his transgressions slide.

It goes as you'd expect.

I'd lost me job an' hadn't a copper to me name. It was out of despair I turned to crime... But thievin' don't suit me. I'm goin' t'get me honest work, hang me if I don't.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Well... The cathedral is in need of a caretaker. Someone to sweep the floors and so on.

And just like that, violence solves another problem.

What's more, the cathedral is the cleanest it's ever been, thanks to our steadfast caretaker.

So the pilgrims can move freely, and the rogue has found honest work.

This cathedral is a grand old placec, and it ain't an easy task, keepin' it clean.

Criminal reform at work.

Until next time!