Music: The Riverlands

Today's story takes place outside Saintsbridge, off the beaten path a bit.

There's a large mole on the back of his hand, but nothing else to identify him by. I warrant he was set upon by robbers upriver, and tossed in after all his wordly goods were taken. It's a crying shame, if you ask me. At the least, I'd like to give him a proper burial...

This guy wants to find the identity of this random corpse he fished up. Seems simple enough.

This is another quest where we have two ways to solve it, so...


Music: Dark Caverns

The first option involves an excursion into this area's side-dungeon. It's a cave with a lot of water. It's what you'd expect from this game's dungeons.

There are some tough enemies like these Light Elementals and Bandit Bones, but nothing too scary.

Things what fall in the water upriver fetch up on the banks here. I collect what I find an' sell it on. It puts food in my belly, and mead in my cup.

This guy's a bit of a scumbag.

Fun fact, failing checks in dungeons means nothing since there's no towns to penalize you.

So I can attempt stealing this scumbag's journal as many times as I want. Turns out I only needed two.

The purple chests. Not a bad haul, really.

And where the boss would be if they bothered to have one. I get a feeling a lot of these side dungeons are rather unfinished, so it's just as well they're taking their time with the next one.

Anyway, let's turn this in.


A diary? Aye, that could be enough.

Sadly, the water has smeared the ink within, making it impossible to read. But a name is all we need to lay him to rest and carve his tombstone. Then if his kin comes searching, they'll know where he is.

If nothing else, the man has a name to be buried with.

Our reward is some money and an accessory that slightly reduces lightning and dark damage. Meh.

...What if the journal belonged to a different corpse? What if this wasn't Hugo at all?

Meh, details.

Anyway, who is this woman, and why is she relevant?


Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

He has a large mole on the back of his hand. If you see such a man, please tell him to come home.

It sounds like this may be the wife of our poor soul.

Anyway, let's break her heart.


You know this person, milady? Because he washed ashore with nothing to say who he was.

I'd steeled myself to expect the worst, but to see him like this...
I'm sorry for your loss, milady. 'Tis a sad end, for sure.

There's many that fetch up on shore here who go into the ground with far less.

And that's it! Either way, the man gets named and laid to rest, it's just whether or not the man's wife founds out about her husband's fate.

It is a comfort to know that there are still good people in this world.

This method is probably for the best.