Music: River of Life

This will be our last quest in Saintsbridge for a long time. This will also be one of the shortest quests we've done yet, which is fine with me! We're already on track to go over two hundred updates, so I can't breathe easy yet...

What if it doesn't stop rising? It could burst the banks! Why isn't anyone doing anything!?

We need to find someone who can quell his fears.

As part of my studies, I record the water level of the river.

Hey, here's someone who can quell his fears!

Let's take this information to him!

The snows're melting earlier than past years, which accounts for the rise in water level. But they'll soon subside, and all will be back to how it was.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I'd fair convinced myself the river was about to spill its banks and sweep the whole town away!

I would've died, but for fate or blind luck... That's why I always fret so about the river.

That was easy!

Education helps another soul. Cyrus has done his job.