Today we return to Victors Hollow to tackle Tressa's Chapter 3.

Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

So we're here trying to find a valuable treasure so we can be the greatest merchant.

But first I need a treasure worthy of the auction. So I've come to Victors Hollow to find one. The owner of this book found what he was looking for here. Hopefully I'll be as lucky as he was!

It's time I had a look around this place.

As Tressa passes by the stall, something catches her merchant sense.

Excuse me. Could you tell me about this map?

Found it in the storehouse 'n' thought about throwin' it out at first. But I figured I could make at least a few leaves off it this way.
Mind if I take a closer look?

From the looks of it, this map was very special to the one who drew it... I think there's something written here. But the characters are strange...
I'll be damned if ye can read those scribbles, young lady.
Hmm... "My dearest friend,"

As in, the dread pirate Baltazar of the Eastern Seas!? And this's his treasure map!?
Sure seems that way!

Now let's keep this between us, young lady. Here, I'll even give ye some candy.

This merchant's kind of a jerk, and pretty terrible at his job besides.

Who's ready for more banter? I sure am!

I'm not sure, but I'd love to find out!

Oh, yes! What an adventure that would be! Why, just imagining it has my heart all aflutter!
Ophilia? So you have the spirit of adventure in you, too!
I certainly do! Oh how I yearn for the romance of the open seas... When I was just a small girl, I'd often watch the boys playing at pirates...
Oh, I used to play at pirates, too!

Don't you know it! My motto was, "Another day, another treasure!"
I can see you now! Wearing a bandana and brandishing a wooden cutlass!


This may be my favorite of all the banters. These two really get entertaining when they're together.

For now, let's check out the tavern because plot.

I already wrote in my diary today... So I'll give the notebook another read.

He had only one true treasure in the whole world...

And look who's back! It's the former pirate captain-turned-merchant from Chapter 1!

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Mr. Leon! What brings you here?
I should ask you the same. Don't tell me you ran away from home.
Hehe, not quite. I just decided it was time I saw the world. And I have the notebook you gave me to thank for it!
Haha! Thank yourself for choosing it, lass.

And that's not all...!

Music: How Amusing!

It's Mikk and Makk, ye birdbrained ninny!
Yer that kid what gave us quite the lashin' back in Drippleslime!
It's Rippletide! Didn't you two learn your lesson yet!?

Aye. Our piratin' days be behind us! We be workin' under a different flag now.

I'm glad to see you two singing a new tune!
As am I. They've been doing well under my command thus far, but still have a ways to go.
R-right you are, Cap'n! Now look alive, ye half-drowned dodo, there's work to be done!

So Mikk and Makk have turned a new leaf. Good for them!

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I want to sell something incredible at the Merchants' Fair. If I can manage that much, it'll prove just how far I've come on this journey.
Well, there's certainly no better place than the Fair for an aspiring merchant like yourself. And what exactly is it that you've deemed worthy of the auction?

Oho, a yet undiscovered treasure, I see. Then I wish you all the best in your search, lass.
Thank you, Mr. Leon.

It's the home of an old friend. He passed away around this time of year, so I decided to pay a visit.
Were you two close?


The Baltazar who drew the map I found earlier!
They may just be one and the same. Could you show me where you found it?

Music: Tranquil Days

Welcome back, young lady. I trust ye managed to keep the you-know-what a secret in the meantime.
...I'm really sorry, but I couldn't.
What do ye mean ye couldn't?

Who're ye!?
This is Captain Leon Bastralle.

I don't want to believe it... But there's no mistakin' that blue spear. I heard all about ye and yer famous words. What were they again...?

Those are words best forgotten, sir.
Hah! Do ye take me for a fool? I know yer just here to loot my store!

Hmm... This certainly looks like one of Baltazar's works.

I see... So the rumors of the great pirates Leon and Baltazar being friends really were true.

If you two were as close as the stories say, then I'm sure you'd do anything to have this map, am I right?

Welcome to capitalism, Tressa!

If you're truly the Leon Bastralle, then I'm certain you're well-versed in the treasures of the realm. I am but a lowly merchant, you see, nothing in comparison to your grandeur. But there is one thing we have in common: a desire for a certain treasure.

Edbart was a servant of the king of Ferien. His defense with the shield was said to be impenetrable. Legend says he used that same shield to protect his liege until the tragic fall of the kingdom. I heard a rumor that it's been spotted in this very town as of late.

If you happen across it somewhere, Mr. Bastralle, I'd be happy to trade it for the map.


Thank you for showing me the map, and my apologies for taking so much of your time.
Are you really just going to leave without your friend's keepsake?

Now I shall take my leave, lass. I'd like to celebrate his life with a drink tonight.

(He says he doesn't need it, but... I think a memento like that is best kept in a friend's hands. I'll find a way to get it to him.)

Naturally, it's going to fall to Tressa and her merchanting abilities to resolve this.

But first, banter.

Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

I do. For Mr. Leon's sake.
I could steal it for you, you know.
I'd rather you didn't. I can handle this myself. He wants a trade, and he'll have it. That's what I do best. I'll show him who's the best merchant around!
Well, I see my help's not needed here.

You bet! After all, how could I call myself a real merchant if I refused this challenge?

Therion's still Therion, and Tressa's still Tressa. Not much more to say on this one!

Before we go looking for the shield, we can chat up the merchant crew.

Here's the bio for Leon.

That Imperial Lance has 180 PhysAtk and a good Crit boost too, it'd be a solid buy for the price if I didn't just get a nice polearm from Alfyn's Chapter 3. I do snag that Glaive though, I'm kinda hurting for good ElemAtk weapons right now.

Also Mikk and Makk. Their goods aren't anything to write home about.

The price is reasonable for the rarity. This merchant specializes in shields, though his other wares are shields we already have.

At any rate, let's commence with trade!

I made a promise, didn't I? And I always deliver.

And all these scars... There's no mistaking it! This is the real deal!

But how ever did you manage to get this shield?
Hehe, I'm a merchant. We have our ways.

This guy couldn't even recognize a treasure map when it was in front of him. Tressa could merchant circles around this guy.

But at any rate, let's do banter before we return to Leon with our prize.

What's got you down, H'aanit?
I was merely pondering the worth of the shield and map. Aren they truly equal?
Er, well. It was a nice shield. Very sturdy.
No loss on the trade, then?
Well...maybe a little.

So it hath greater value to him, then.
That's right. One person's trash is another person's treasure, after all.

Then it taketh two parties to setten a price? ...I hadde not considered that. There aren depths to thy work I hadde never imagined.
Don't you know it! As interesting as hunting beasts, wouldn't you say?

Yeah, Tressa may have overpaid for the map, but she knows how trade works, and she's willing to take a loss on a deal to get what she wants. She definitely knows what she's doing.

Let's take the map to Leon.

Music: Bonds of Friendship

I brought something for you.

Hehe, then I won't.
Haha! Thank you, lass.

When you gazed at it, your eyes were so...forlorn.

Your keen eyes never cease to amaze me.

Video: A Race on the Raging Tides

Music: Reminiscence

This storm be givin' us no quarter, sir! Let's turn back. The old girl can't hold on much longer!

If those scurvy sea dogs get to that island first, we get nothin'! You hear!? Hold fast to that rudder, mateys!
A-aye aye, sir!

Aye, Captain Obvious.

Enough! Else I'll cut out your tongue and feed it to the gulls.
Now I'll be takin' this island's treasure, if ye don't mind.
I do mind, but it isn't mine. Do whatever you please.

Starvin' in the slums, stealin' to survive... We dreamt of just growin' up and had to fight tooth 'n' nail to reach the top. Nothin' was ever easy for us.

...Ye never change, Leon.
You say it like you're any different, Baltazar.

...I never wanted to be a pirate.

Have you gone daft? Baltazar of the Eastern Seas, a merchant?
Yer a bloody scoundrel for laughin', Leon. But it be the truth.

I lost sight of that dream after becomin' a pirate. But these's all I be thinkin' about.

Aye, a fine storm this is. How about another wager, my friend?

If ye win... Ye get that gem ye always wanted.
Oho, will I now? And what happens if you win?
If I win...

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

He called it "eldrite." It's the only one of its kind in the entire world.
It was by far the rarest of all the treasures he'd plundered.

Oh... That's why you left it in the shop.

However you use it is up to you.

Mr. Leon lost more than just a race that day... I think having a memento of his friend would cheer him up. And I wouldn't mind getting a closer look at more pirate treasure! Hehe.

Next time, Tressa follows a treasure map to find valuable pirate treasure.

And yeah, I kind of lied. Not all the Chapter 3's are soul-crushing experiences! Just most of them...