Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

Last time, we found a treasure map that leads to pirate treasure. We also heard our old friend Captain Leon Bastralle reminisce over his old friend, Baltazar, the man whose treasure we're seeking.

Before we search for the treasure, we have a couple of banters to tackle.

What is it, Tressa?
Well, it sounds like Mr. Leon and Mr. Baltazar got along so well. If they had worked together as pirates, they would've been unbeatable!

Mayhap they vied with each other precisely because they admired each other so. When a man of action meets another, his first instinct is to prove himself better. I understand well the hearts of men like Leon...

What is it this time? You're a thoughtful one today...
The look on your face just now... It reminded me so much of Mr. Leon's face, when he talked about Mr. Baltazar.

There's quite the similarity between the rivalries of Leon/Baltazar and Olberic/Erhardt. Both pairs worked better by going against each other to improve themselves. But then so many of these pairings are vital to the game's various narratives.

Next banter:

You know of it, Professor Albright?
Oh yes. Otherwise known as the Eye of the Sea. So beautiful, men liken it to the eye of a goddess... ...Or so my tomes tell me. I have never observed an actual specimen with my own eyes, mind you. It is also written that you can see an ocean inside, if you peer long enough.

Ahaha. I would be surprised, to say the least, if the view offered quite so much detail.

Though not for want of effort--it has long been sought after by pirates, kings, and would-be treasure hunters.
...And me! Suddenly, I really want to find it!

If this eldrite really exists, then it'll be a one-of-a-kind treasure for sure. All the more reason to find it!

I pick up Cyrus's final Scholar ability and our first divine skill. This will really beef his damage up against single-target foes.

Really my priority for now is to get everyone to learn their base job's Divine Skills before we begin Chapter 4, as a couple of them will be vital for what we'll be tackling down the line...

Tressa gets to be a powerful Warrior because, eh, why not? Cyrus continues following the paths of others by learning the ways of the merchant. Primrose and Alfyn still have banters to go through, and their jobs are eh, why not?

The trek to the Grotto is uneventful.

Music: Dark Caverns

And so is the trek through the Grotto, for that matter.

Lots of bats and skeletons with strong physicals.

This dungeon's purple chest contains a Sledgehammer, another physical-focused staff, though its PhysAtk of 171 would make it one of my better weapons regardless, as would its nifty Crit boost. The sad thing is, even its "paltry" ElemAtk of 98 would still be the highest of all my current staves. Definitely one I'll have to come back for later!

Elementals are always a pain to deal with, and that Sea Scorpion in the back can inflict poison to boot.

This accessory blocks instant death attacks. Those are few and far between, mostly end-game and post-game to boot, but it may be invaluable for a few fights.

Eventually, the dungeon ends.

Music: For Treasure

What's that?

Video: Boss - Venomtooth Tiger

Music: Decisive Battle I

We're wasting no time with today's boss battle! Meet the Venomtooth Tiger.

This kitty's gimmick is that all of its attacks can inflict Poison, which to us deals 1/6 our Max HP as damage per round. This can be bad, or at least it would be if Alfyn couldn't nullify its gimmick with Concoct.

Also, since it's solo it gets two turns a round, though at least it won't gain more than that.

It also has a lot of HP, which is par for the course for Chapter 3!

As usual, break and boost.

It'll add +2 shields after the first two breaks, to a max of 10.

Also, this kitty can hurt, even without Poison! Shackle Foe and Hired Help Mercenary are highly recommended, as per usual this foe's attacks are all physical.

Alfyn is also highly recommended, as Soothing Dust + Curious Bloom will both heal HP and cure all status effects.

This makes all multi-target spells single-target, but doubles the damage.

It's...disgusting. I guess Cyrus's next priority will be Surpassing Power to evade the damage cap!

At half health, the Venomtooth Tiger uses its big gimmick, Peerless Poison. From now on, Poison damage will deal 10% of Max SP and also 1BP. On top of that, it deals double damage, or 1/3 your Max HP! And it even adds a sickly green border for the rest of the battle.

While I would've gotten double with Tressa due to her Thief passive, it's worth using Cyrus for Collect just for his voice line.

Have I mentioned this thing is weak to both polearms and bows? The two weapons with multi-hit attacks?

Yeah, its shields are toast.

I mainly toy with it at this point so I can show off poison in action.

OK, there you go.

And it's dead.


It's gorgeous!

Addressed to Mr. Leon... I'll make sure it reaches him.

We found the eldrite, and a letter.

Let's show our pirate loot to Leon!


I followed the map and found this.

There's no mistaking it. This is the eldrite!
This was also in the chest.
A letter?

Video: The Most Precious Treasure

Music: Melancholy

Most precious? All my treasures are precious.
Haha. I didn't mean gold or gems, Leon.
Then, what did you mean?

When we were lads in that poor town, we thought havin' riches was all there was to life. But I've been wonderin' lately...if that's the life worth livin'.

I used me strength to steal from the weak... Just like ye, Leon.

I couldn't stop thinking about his last words.

But what was my most precious treasure? In the coming days, I kept asking myself the same question. But I never came to an answer. Until one day, I realized...

Just like Baltazar... I no longer had a reason to continue as a pirate.

I decided to pursue the dream of my friend in his stead.


If Baltazar couldn't fulfill his life's dream, maybe he would take some solace in his dearest friend living it for him. At least Leon has found a new meaning in his life, and a treasure to drive him ever forward.

Video: To the Auction!


But it belonged to your friend...

That stone holds no meaning to me.
Are you sure?

Music: Tressa, the Merchant

Whether it be land, riches, honor, or what have you... There is an abundance of treasure in this world. But there is only space in one's heart for a single, truly precious treasure. And I've found mine.

It gave me another chance at life.
Mr. Leon...


I...I don't know yet. But I know I'll find it someday.
Aye. With those keen eyes, I have no doubt you will. But be prepared: your life will never be the same after.

Bon voyajee!

My most precious treasure...

He taught me that there is only one true treasure in a person's life. I haven't found that treasure in my life yet... But I'll keep searching until I do. It's just a matter of time now.

Watch out, Merchants' Fair, here I come!

Tressa hasn't found her most precious treasure quite yet, but she's certainly found a precious treasure, and that's enough to drive her forward to her ultimate goal of proving herself as a merchant. Things are looking up for Tressa!


Let's end things with a pair of banters.

Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

Don't I know it!
May I see it?

When I was younger, I had occasion to set eyes on many a beautiful stone. But I've never seen one of such profound clarity and color.
Heh, you can say that again!

Hey, what!? Wait! Give that back!
...Oh, come now. I was just joking. Here.
Why, I never!
Jesting aside... The gem suits you better, Tressa.
Do you really think so?

Primrose loves teasing the others, but especially young Tressa since she's so easy to rile up. It's almost slightly antagonistic, but mostly good-natured enough.

Hey there, Tress. What's with the serious look?
I was just thinking about what my most precious treasure could be. Tell me, Alfyn. What do you treasure the most?
Me? Shucks, I'd rather not say. It's kind of silly, to be honest.
Oh, come now. What are you acting so embarrassed about?
It's not that. It's just...

You always keep it in your sight, and you're constantly cleaning and mending it.
...You got me. A good pal of mine gave it to me. When I've got it slung over my back, it's like I can hear him whispering in my ear.

And I listen, too. That's why I put so much care into my concoctions.

Alfyn's treasure makes perfect sense considering what he's been through. It makes one wonder what would be the most precious treasures of the other characters...

At any rate, it's time to move on. Vote for our next character! Next time, yet more Side Stories.