Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

Another simple side story.

But hope lives on, an' the next wager'll bring me a king's riches. ...Hark now. Do an ill-fated wretch a boon, and check on the fighters, will ye? Local sword-swinger Estadas, an' lancer Mont d'Or of the icy north! Bring me news o' 'em.

We just need to get information on two fighters and bring them back to this gambler.

Name's Estadas. I'm a local swordsman, an' I'm waitin' 'ere for my fight.

Our first competitor is kind of a cowardly sort, at least at first appearance. He's definitely come a long way, though.

...Beg your pardon. I was in the midst of training. Mont d'Or, lancer extraordinaire, at your service.

The other competitor is a seasoned veteran fighter, and looks prepared for his match.

With this information in tow, let's see what our gambler friend thinks.


Hoho... Mont d'Or looks fit an' hale, does he? Been a'trainin' hard, ye say, and there's a fire in 'is eyes?

So nervous that 'is belly aches, is he? Scared o' what the local crowds'll roar when he makes a toad's pie o' it all, I don't doubt.

Gods' truth, then I know on what head I'll place my last coins! Bless ye, friend!

Let's just hope he makes the right choice...

In a stunning upset, the weakly Estadas prevails.

And as for our gambler friend...?

Music: Victory Fanfare

Surprised, are ye? Aye, I put my purse on the swordsman Estadas. When ye told me how he feared the local crowds, I knew in my belly how the duel would end.

Hehe. Truth is, I'm from these parts myself, so I was 'appy to put my coins on our local lad.

Fair befall ye, friend--I'm mighty grateful to ye!

Our gambler friend has won big, but he's not the only one to do so!

Nay. I have nothing to say. Best I just slink away in shame...

Praise be to the noble folk o' this town, who made me 'eart strong with their cheerin'.

A good ending for all involved, except for ol' Mont d'Or, of course.