This must be one of the leaders...

...Or does he?

I'll be even stronger...and then... Then...maybe I could...

Music: Reminiscence

No matter how far your journey takes you, you'll always have a home here.

We'll find out soon enough if that'll suffice.

May the gods guide your blade.

That doesn't seem like no one to me.

And so Olberic has finally found a reason to fight.

Music: For Redemption

But now, as a wandering sword...I have found many who need my strength.

I shall not fail them this time. I shall be victorious!

Video: Boss - Lizardman Chief

Music: Decisive Battle II

Our boss for this chapter is in fact the Lizardman Chief.

This guy has adds, to be expected. These guys only protect certain weaknesses, however, not all of them like these adds usually do.

They are also hilariously fragile. Most adds at least last an entire break cycle, but these weaklings have a meager three shields and 3000HP.

Otherwise, the Lizardman Chief has some nasty physicals, including an attack that inflicts Unconscious and one that debuffs PhysDef. He also has Bestial Roar, a rather nasty attack that can cause good damage and inflict Unconscious on the entire party.

But...that's it. This fellow doesn't gain shields, or get double turns, or any other weird gimmicks. It's the same as any other physical boss, except without the extras those other bosses need to actually be threatening. And no, I'm not counting those pathetic adds.

So there's really not much to talk about here. I don't even bother with Shackle Foe or Hired Help, I mean, I've got Alfyn and Ophilia, why bother?

The Lizardking's Axe is pretty nice. A huge PhysAtk, an alright ElemAtk that's more of a bonus than anything, and it's our first weapon that boosts the effectiveness of an element, in this case Lightning. These boosts add 30% more damage to that element, and multiple elemental boosts do stack.

There's not much else to say. Our job is done, time to reunite with Erhardt.

Well, after some banter.

Music: Dark Caverns

You pray for the lizardmen?
Yes. To the townspeople, they are fearsome monsters that threaten their lives... But they are living creatures for all that, and I would that they rest in peace.
Just so.

Ophilia. I have a favor to ask.
What is it?

Here's the other instance of the game kinda-sorta trying to make the lizardmen seem sympathetic. I'm not really sure how I feel about all this, and maybe that's the entire point.

Otherwise, Olberic's definitely battling with uncertainty, especially since he has a big confrontation with Erhardt coming up...

...after I go back to Wellspring and swap in the two characters I need banter with.

This also lets me unlock the purple chest, but this wasn't really worth it.

Let's get this over with.

Video: Battle with a True Rival

Without the leaders, the pack should soon descent into chaos and confusion. It will be easy enough to chase them off at our leisure.


So, Olberic. How did you find me?

Hah, that so! How was the scoundrel? Still in one piece?
He was well. Fighting for his keep. He told me about Grynd...your hometown.

Music: Discord

Tough world this, for a young lad without a home. When the band of sellswords picked me up, I was grateful for it.

You wanted revenge.
Aye. Against the king who did naught as the only home I'd ever known was reduced to ash and rubble. Even at the end, as the flames licked the roof beams of their family, my friends believed the king would save them.

And so I came to Hornburg and became a knight. Served my commanders faithfully, worked my way up in the ranks--but then, you know that story, don't you?
All the while biding your time to that final battle...
Delivered my revenge at the point of my blade, even as the king looked into my eyes.

He was that. Till the last, he never stopped fighting for his people...

I thought it would set me free. Free from the anguish, the pain, the despair...

As I searched for something to hold on to, the memories that came to me were not of my lost home...but of the years I'd spent as a knight, with my brothers-in-arms...with you.

Regret it? Aye, I certainly did. I regretted living a lie for all those years in the name of vengeance.

Those days in Hornburg. The barracks, the proving grounds, the jousting lists... But anyhow, we disbanded after that and went our separate ways. We'd accomplished our aim, but were left homeless, masterless...

And yet you stayed, and now protect its people from harm.


Olberic got the answers he wanted. So what now is left to do...?

You don't have to do this, Olberic.

Music: Olberic, the Warrior

Your anger, your pain, your regret... This lie your life has become... I'll cut you down and give you the peace you seek.

But at long last I understood... I'd never lost my worth. Like you, I bear my sword so that I may protect others.

And though I search my heart, I find no room there for forgiveness. I find only...
I should have bested you that day.

Hear me, Erhardt! This time, I will not lose

I could tell you to learn from my mistakes. But then, what right have I? Nay, we'll do it your way. No holdin' back, eh, old friend?
I would not have it any other way.

Video: Duel - Erhardt

This is a proper duel, so hopefully you came prepared!

The video's not really that interesting, I just included it for the sake of completion.

He starts off with only basic attacks and Cross Strike.

He unlocks two attacks during the course of the duel. The first is a Triple Strike, which I somehow skipped completely.

The latter one is Blazing Blade, and it's nasty due to inflicting Horror. It's harder to manage status effects in a 1v1 fight, go figure!

That said, Erhardt isn't really a ten-star fight. He's hard, sure, but he is no match against the Unbending Blade.

We even get a nifty sword out of it. The PhysAtk is mediocre for this stage (but still a nice upgrade at +152), but it has a hefty Crit bonus so I'm not complaining too much.

Video: Werner's Villainy


'Tis a strange thing...though I fought with all my was as if you were protected by a greater power...


The air's been somewhat cleared now. There's still lingering tension, but their duel has funnily enough helped heal the rift between the two. Olberic has no intention to spill any unnecessary blood, and looking at everything that's happened with Erhardt since the fall of Hornburg, and how Olberic has finally found his reason to fight, he has no reason to kill Erhardt anymore.

That said, there is one loose end we need to tie before this is all said and done. After all, we do need a Chapter 4!

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

...Olberic, leave it be.
He brought down an entire kingdom. Our kingdom.

I will stop him. I must.
This is the cause you've found?
Just so.

Where can I find him?
After the fall of Hornburg, he set off for Riverford. After that, the gods only know what became of him.
That's all I need to know. Men like that leave a trail, whether they mean to or not.
Reckon they do.

Video: To Journey's End


You're alive! And Lord Erhardt?
See for yourself.

Once your men finish off the stragglers, you'll have nothing more to fear from that nest.

Music: Jubilation

Couldn't have done it had Olberic not shown up in the nick of time.

I do not warrant it. What I did was for myself. And now the time has come for me to seek out a new cause in another place.

You would remain here. I know.
I'm sorry...
Do not be.

How so?
I've never seen anyone swing a blade like he does. It's more than just strength and skill--there's something about him that strikes fear into men's hearts.

But make no mistake--you would be well-advised to fear him.

And now I must go. When this is over, mayhap we shall meet again.

Olberic has resolved his past with Erhardt and has rediscovered his reason to fight. He has but one task left ahead of him, to gain redemption for the fall of Hornburg by defeating the man who masterminded it in the first place. But this will be a challenge far beyond any Olberic has faced so far...

For now, let's relax a bit and close things off with a couple more banters.

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

You looked pleased.
I'm happy that you and Erhardt made up. Now you're comrades-in-arms again!
It was a long road to reach such a point... But fighters are straightforward men, and they understand each other.

Wow... That sounds incredible!
If you are interested in my world, I could teach you a little fencing.
Really!? I'd love to be your prentice! I'll be the best pupil you ever had, Sir Olberic! I promise you won't regret this!

My prices are UNBENDING!

Satisfied? I would not say that. But I have found...acceptance.

Does my heart soar? Have my troubles vanished? Nay. But I do see things more clearly now. I see what I need in order to wield my sword with a conscience clear.

I get why you live the way you do, but...that lifestyle's just not for me.
Likewise, I could not do what you do. However, I understand the choices that you make.
You know, I never thought I'd see the day I'd be talking to a guy like you.

The power and magic of going on a journey is one of the major themes of Octopath Traveler, and not just because we're experiencing eight simultaneous journeys! Part of the fun is watching people who would otherwise never interact with each other get to share experiences and learn to understand one another, as Olberic and Therion are during this journey.

Though the answer's pretty obvious at this point, I might as well ask anyway. Who shall we tackle next?

Next time, we check out Wellspring and do a trio more Side Stories.