Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

This will be the only new town of Chapter 3. It does have some nice music.

No other bonuses, but the stats alone beat every other helmet we have. I probably should've bought it, honestly, I'm swimming in cash now.

Now that's a person dedicated to their job!

This is unrelated to the black market we'll be seeing in Therion's Chapter 3. This is a completely separate black market.

What a gem of a guy.

Anyway they both block buildings so let's beat them up.

This guy was tricky and took awhile to wittle down, but not much else to say here.

This guy's only a rank four, so he's fodder.

The swindler guy simply guards two purple chests that hold 23,000 leaves together.

As for the black market...

It's not really an actual black market so much as a place where hardcore merchants can come together and admire their treasures.

I don't remember where this goes, but it's expensive. Thankfully I can steal it easily.

The vendors here are more odd than anything.

But hey, if the odds are odd, then the goods are good! This is the best bow we can get until Chapter 4, and those stats alone are really nice to have.

Needless to say I go on a bit of a thieving spree later on.

Speaking of flawed goods, here's the Forbidden Axe. That PhysAtk value is the third-highest of all weapons, and that Speed is great too. Of course, there is that hefty -50 Accuracy penalty that does actually matter, but it's yet another tempting buy.

Also these townspeople all seem to have below 50% Scrutinize chances, so there's a couple failures here and there.

Take the grapes, old man, you've earned them.

Especially after I steal this robe.

See if you can spot the common theme with these bios.

They may be monsters, but they use tools and weapons. They even use strategy in their battles! Don't get near the caves by the ruins if you value your life.

I mean, what else is there to really do in a desert town?

That said, I love how the captain's drinking comes up in every soldier's bio.

It does not help matters that a thriving black market is rumored in the vicinity. A troubling matter.

And what better for vigilance than booze?

Not that he needs vigilance, the guy is ripped and more than capable of smashing some skulls.

And we'll close things off with a nice view of the oasis that keeps the people of the Sunlands well-quenched.

Next time, we'll help out the people here by tackling some Side Stories!