Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Today we'll be tackling Primrose's Chapter 3 as she continues her quest for revenge on the men who killed her father.

When I left, I thought I would never return to this place.

(But what "truth" was he speaking of? Two more men, bearing the mark of that foul bird. My search continues here...)

You're seeing things, friend. House Azelhart is nothing but a memory now.
R-right...of course.

Must be exciting. Let's check it out!

Music: An Ill Omen

Rumor has it he voiced his displeasure with his lordship a bit too loudly, if you catch my meaning. That's why I keep my mouth shut, lest I end up dead on the street like that poor sod.

(When I was young, Father and the city watch saw that hardly a crime was committed here. What has become of this place since I left?)

We're here by express order of his lordship to inspect the scene! Now clear out, lest we toss you in gaol for impeding the investigation!

This is definitely not the Noblecourt Primrose grew up in.

(I know that man. He was one of Father's trusted friends...)

(So he was spared the wrath of the crows, at least...)


Music: On a Knife’s Edge

Master Rufus is, ah...

It was the Azelhart girl that did the deed, you say? So she still lives, after all... Heh. Guess we'll just have to do something about that.

I know that voice...

Music: Bonds of Friendship

Simeon... Where have you been all these years?
Not here, that's for certain. You know I always wanted to run as fast and far as I could from this stuffy old town.
So I set out on a journey across the realm.

These days I make a living as a playwright of sorts. I pen dramas and tragedies for the stage.
You always did have a way with words.
I swore I would never return to this place. Then, one day, I felt an odd yearning...

But enough about me. Where have you been all these years, my love?

(There is not a thing I can say without sullying his memories of me forever.)

Besides, I can imagine all too well without hearing a word... Life has not been kind to you. And though you have grown all the more beautiful through the hardships you no doubt suffered...


Interestingly, this is the only romantic relationship involving any of the eight main characters in the game, and even then it's one that was lost ten years ago in the aftermath of the fall of House Azelhart. Though perhaps it could be rekindled after this chance encounter...

That looks like a spot of trouble I'd just as soon avoid. Come, my lady. Let's find somewhere we can chat in private.

Video: Atop the Bridge

Music: Reminiscence

Memories of my childhood days in this town.

I wanted nothing more than to spend time with you. To be a part of your world...


Your words, your songs, gave me comfort and solace. In the darkest days, after I lost Father, you would sing them for me over and over...

I tried so many times to forget you, to accept that you were gone... Yet time and time again I found myself reciting the poems I had written you... Can you forgive me, Primrose?
There is nothing to forgive. It was all so very long ago... I, too, have moved on from those days. I have found my own reason to go on.

"Would that Sleep hold you in her soft embrace. Then shall my eyes close, lips open in prayer. For it is only in dreams that we may meet again."

I still have not forgiven myself. Knowing that I could not do more for you... It tortures me to this day. If there is any way--any way at all--in which I can be of service to you, my lady, you need only say the word.
...Thank you, Simeon.

(Enough distractions. I must find the men marked by the crow.)

Primrose still has her mission, and it must come before all else before she can truly find peace.

In the meantime, this chapter has a lot of cutscene density, which means all the banters are stuffed in the few breaks we get. So let's dive into the first of three banters.

Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Was he...someone really special to you?

A special kinship? You mean, like, aside from my family? I guess I never really thought about it. Trading's been my life since before I can remember. I kind of feel a connection with my customers when we make a good deal. Is that the same thing?
...Let me tell you something, Tressa.

Your heart is freed, your mind is opened... And you realize there's more to the world than you ever knew... But I wouldn't expect you to understand. After all, you're still a little girl.

Primrose certainly harbors strong feelings toward Simeon, as he's the only person who truly makes her feel at peace. Perhaps his presence will be of great help to Primrose on her mission.

...And yeah, you may have noticed something obviously wrong with all of this in that last cutscene. I'll address it next update.

May I be so bold as to pry?
That man is very important to you, is he not?
Why do you say that?
'Tis a conjecture, based on how you both look at each other.

You can stop right there, Professor. How I live my life is my affair, not yours.
Y-yes, quite. I do apologize.

This is pretty much how every failed Scrutinize check pans out.

So this is where you were born and raised.
It is. Though much has changed in the last ten years. The people, the town...
It seems like this lord we've been told about has a lot to do with that.
Yes. And none of the changes have been for the better. This was a happier place when I knew it. It was peaceful...and prosperous.

I would very much like to see your town as it once was.
If only I could have shown it to you. How proud I was of where we lived...

Primrose had lost everything she held dear, but one that probably didn't hit as hard until now was her home town. Everything has changed dramatically in ten years, and of course part of it is some bad lord taking over and making everything bad because that's how these things go, but it's also a loss of a safe haven, a loss of innocence, a loss of the life she once had and enjoyed. Even if she defeats the evil lord and everything is returned to what it once was, she will never be returning to the home she once knew.

With all that banter out of the way, it's time to reunite with another familiar face and get back to the task at hand.

What's this? Are my eyes to be believed? My lady, are you...Geoffrey's...?

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I feel as though I am standing before a vision from the heavens... It brings me great joy to know you are well, my Lady Primrose...
As it does me, to see you hale and hearty, Master Forsythe.
Age has stooped my back and blurred my eyes, but just seeing you before me, I thank the gods for blessing me with long life.
You flatter me overmuch, my good sir.

You should do the same, Lady Primrose. Let your father bask in your beauty as well.

I am sorry to hear it, my lady. But where have you kept yourself all these years? There are many here who would have been more than happy to take you in...

You did well to endure and return to us, Lady Primrose.
I endured only because I must. I must learn the truth behind Father's death.

Master Forsythe, is there nothing you can tell me?


There was a time when I, too, spared no effort in trying to unravel the secrets behind Lord Geoffrey's murder.

My lady, I urge you to tread lightly. This business will be the death of you, if you do not watch your back.


Come with me, and I will tell you what I know.

Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

I was wondering what was keeping you, dear. Pray tell, who is this beauty you've brought with you?

My, but I never...! And so beautiful a woman grown!

I thought the same myself. Now, what say we share a cup of tea?

Music: Discord

The balance of power here in Noblecourt shifted...and shifted dramatically. Under Lord Geoffrey's stewardship, House Azelhart was the most prominent of all the great families. Working closely with the city watch, he took it upon himself to uphold the peace and keep the people happy. Crime of any sort was nigh unheard of. Oh, what happy days those were! Though those with a wont to do ill deed might have found it a bit...stifling.

In the chaos and disorder that followed the fall of House Azelhart, a group of men seized power.

They began their operation peddling illicit tinctures back when your father still lived. Working in the shadows, just out of the sight of Geoffrey's watchful eye, they made one shady deal after the next, filling their coffers and making powerful friends. Swayed by the influence of their coin, countless once-lawful men cast their lot with these villains. And the ones that didn't...

He was Lord Geoffrey's right hand, and the most just and honorable man I've been privileged to know... Unfortunately, his code of honor put him at odds with the Obsidians. And so they took action...

Absent his leadership, the city watch collapsed, and the Obsidians seized power with the greatest of ease. I spent years trying to follow the trail of corruption. To find who it led to, where the blood money flowed...

I have faced innumerable threats to my own life.

Honor and justice are long dead here, never to return. I am an old man now, and I grow weary of this battle. I am but a minor landowner, with no influence of which to speak. All I can do is bring flowers to Geoffrey's grave... There is nothing more i can do for him...or for you. And so I beg of you, Lady Primrose. Leave this place.

I beg to differ, Master Forsythe. Were my father here, this is what he would say--


Mayhap I have only twisted my memories of Geoffrey to ease my regret at my own cowardice. Forgive me, my lady. I do you a dishonor.

This is our prep time before we tackle the next dungeon and boss. We'll save all that for next time, and instead close out the update with two more banters.

Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Tell me, Olberic. What does honor mean to you?
A simple question. But one with no easy answer. For me, it is using my blade to protect others. There is naught else I can offer.
Sometimes I think you're too humble for your own good...
No matter how lofty our aspirations, in the end, we can only do what we are capable of.

Well said. That's what I'm trying to do. Improve myself, so I can do more...

This is an odd one, mostly because this banter seems to assume you did Olberic's Chapter 3 before this one based on that last line and Olberic talking about protecting others. Generally, banters only use context from everyone's Chapter 1's since you may, for example, do all of Tressa's story before tackling Cyrus's Chapter 2.

Otherwise, a good conversation and a bit of a life lesson.

Think you can pull it off?
Therion... It does not matter if I can or not.

I've thought about giving up more than once. I've wondered what sort of life I could live if I chose a different path.

If you say so.
So if you're trying to talk me out of avenging my father--
That's not it. I just know how easy it is to screw things up if you don't stay calm. So don't go losing your head in there, okay?

Therion can actually be helpful and devoid of sarcasm! He shines the most in a character's darkest moments, appropriately enough.

Next time, we clip the right wing of the crow.