Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

So, I may have been a tiny bit underleveled for this one...

But no one believed the poor lad. He went off to those caves again on his own, claiming he'd prove us all wrong... Of course, if there really were such a terrible beast, we'd need to take care of it. We couldn't leave such a monster unchecked...

Looks like it's up to us to investigate!

This is my party. Therion to get levels and chests, and Primrose and Ophilia because I want to get their Divine Skills for Chapter 4.

Music: The Sunlands

Who am I talking about? Trust me, you're better off not knowing. I can't get another person involved. You don't understand how dangerous that man and his beast are.

I mean, we're dumb enough to trust anyone we meet. Let's check these caves out!

This spear is slightly weaker than Miguel's Spear, though it trades Accuracy for Crit. Still a nice find for a backup polearm.

My party's hovering around low 30's, while this area recommends 40.

I'm sure it'll be fine...

Music: Dark Caverns

Slightly stronger than the Lizardking's Axe, this axe chooses an Accuracy boost over ElemAtk, which is for the best as there are many other axes with much better ElemAtk anyway. This axe also throws in an ElemDef debuff, which is always welcome.

The monsters here hit hard, which is unpleasant but nothing new.

Accuracy is usually a nonfactor when fighting foes at an equal level to you, but it becomes very important once you're fighting stuff ten levels above you and you're whiffing on 3/4 of your attacks.

Anyway, the tricky part here is all the status effects.

This one takes me awhile and has a couple close calls, but I survive.

This blocks Terror, which is a great status to block.

Fortunately, the rest of my encounters are trivial. Those vipers die easily.

And eventually, we reach what must be our man...

Me and my precious pet will show them how wrong they were to humiliate me like that!

If you're planning to get in my way, then I'll simply take care of you first!

Music: Battle II

This fight... Oh boy.

So this is how we start things off.


Attempt two has me equip my two Wakeful Stones on Ophilia and Apothecary Therion. Sleep is the only status effect to worry about, but it's a major one.

Of course, this would've been so much easier with Alfyn being able to heal and cure sleep all at once, but hey, might as well have some challenge...!

The Giant Python mostly uses physical attacks outside its breath, so Shackle Foe is a must.

The Snake Charmer has a basic attack, but mostly buffs his pet python. He can have the python guard him, he can refresh the python's shields while locking down two weaknesses, he can buff the python's PhysAtk, and he can grant the python two turns a round.

Revive is garbage unboosted, but invaluable with even just one BP.

Anyway, we have a lot of HP to burn through.

New plan.

Cyrus goes Cleric to help with healing and gets the second Wakeful Stone from Therion.

Things will be easier if the Snake Charmer dies first. Luckily he's weak to bows, so Arrowstorm rips him apart.

I also throw in Blizzard spells to chip away at the Python's defenses.

And of course, good old Leghold Trap. Can't believe it took me this long to remember I had it!

Alas, I get unlucky and get crushed by the foes getting a bunch of turns stacked together.

Fourth time's the charm, except for the charmer, who gets KOed.

Now the Giant Python gets three turns a round, and gains Big Bite, which hits random targets with nasty damage.

There's not much else to say. I keep Shackle Foe and Leghold Trap up often, and focus on Therion for damage since I can easily debuff the python's PhysDef and magic doesn't seem too powerful here. It takes me nearly thirty-seven minutes, but eventually I succeed.

Those are some big rewards, too.

Music: Dark Caverns

I never actually believed that there was a giant serpent like that...
I told you! Why didn't you believe me then!?
I should have... Forgive me?

This man is the one who was behind that giant serpent in the caves. What were you thinking, setting a creature like that loose!?

Those filthy misers in the black market... I worked as a bodyguard to them for years, and they suddenly decide they've got no need for me anymore, is that it!? But now they'll learn better than to think they can get along without me! Now that I've got my serpent!
...And that's why you brought that giant serpent here? For revenge upon your former employers?
That's right! I trained and trained to be able to bend that beast to my will!

You really saved us from a spot of trouble here.

Our reward is some cash and a bow. How good could this bow possibly...

OH MY! Easily our strongest weapon now, and the second-strongest bow in the game. That massive ElemAtk and the Confuse proc are sweet, sweet bonuses. This bow is worth all that headache and then some.

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

But we didn't see any sign of it anywhere. I suppose it must have already left for a bigger hunting ground.

Thank you for helping to put a stop to him.

All's well that ends well!

Next time, we continue on with Primrose. Which just so happens to have a recommended level of 40...

...I'm sure we'll be fine. Probably.