Primrose and Olberic are my final two banter partners, so they're here. Jobs, eh, whatever. For some reason whenever I use Ophilia I like having her as a hunter.

I can finally afford Primrose's Divine Skill, Sealticge's Seduction. It causes all single-target skills to target all-targets. This doesn't apply to self-buffs like Sidestep, but it does work for skills like Primrose's buffs. This will be invaluable for later bosses, so all the better I get it now!

First, just a short jaunt to the actual dungeon.

The urchin can poison, the curators like their elemental attacks.

But this ember... What could anyone else possibly want it for?

Music: Dark Caverns

I had to do some annoying backtracking to navigate this cave and get most of the treasures, so I'm not a fan of it.

Not that the treasures are much good. The purple chest here contains a Grand Helm, yet another armor piece that only grants PhysDef, and even then its PhysDef isn't that great. I don't think I'll come back to grab that one.

Believers love throwing Dark Soulstones and kind of hint to what may be going on down here.

Otherwise, a variety of enemies and elemental attacks. Nothing terribly interesting, however.

Let's skip ahead to the interesting bits.

Music: Creeping Dread

In the end, he's just another half-wit believer. Probably on his knees right now somewhere, cryin' and prayin' to his gods.

This'll be a good lesson to him. Shall we finish off the girl now?

Though it'd have been more fun to finish off father and daughter together. Guess you can't have it all.

Huh? Who in the hells're you!?

They sent us the Flame with a cherry on top!

Music: For Light

Hey, I'll have you know that--
It's fine. Listen up, woman. Just give us the ember, and we're done here.

Oh yeah?

Now that will not be happening.

Video: Boss - Shady Figure & Mystery Man

Music: Decisive Battle I

Today's boss is actually two random people in robes.

Shady Figure is the left person, and the healer of the two. They'll always have two rounds.

Otherwise, both start off with their elemental weaknesses locked. You can only break them with weapon attacks.

Mystery Man is a Scholar-type, liking full-party elemental attacks.

Shady Figure can use Luminescence and buff ElemAtk.

Plus they will always use their second turn to heal both characters for 800HP each.

Mystery Man can also use a nasty single-target physical attack, so it's not wise to completely neglect PhysDef. Still, this is mostly a magic-based fight.

The two roughly equal to 60k HP, so on par with your usual Chapter 3 boss.

I decide to focus on the healer first.

I have to say, Cleric Cyrus really comes in handy here.

Eventually I remember I have freaking Sealticge's Seduction, which if you noticed my party composition would really let me cheese this fight.

...but I hadn't realized that, and instead of targeting Ophilia to stack some sweet magic-reflecting buffs, decide to spread Primrose's various buffs.

But no matter, the first foe goes down.

...Though this is one fight where it's better if you take down both foes as closely together as possible. Whoever remains will have three turns a round, the first of which will always be an ElemAtk buff. They also get all the moves of their former partner.

And just like that, Sealticge's Seduction was a waste. Plus, half my party is kinda dead.

But you know, the nice thing about having a Cleric is that you're going to stack them with ElemDef to enhance their healing, so they end up pretty damn good against elemental attacks.

And that's enough to boost Revive and bring my party back up to speed. I'll never talk crap about Revive ever again.

And with that, time to go on the offense.

...After I finally remember Reflective Veil exists, of course.

I even use Refreshing Jam a couple times this battle! My precious items!

Reflective Veil in action. The target takes 0 damage from the attack and loses a stack of the buff, then the attack hits back the target. The best part is it hits with that element, so if Mystery Man were weak to Fire, that'd count as hitting a Fire weakness!

It's all moot though as Ophilia gets the final blow on both, this time with an arrow through the skull.

The Black Staff is the first one to finally break three-digit ElemAtk. It also has decent PhysAtk for a staff and can inflict Blind. Not an exciting weapon, but still useful.


Don't worry, Lysa. Everything's all right now.

With that, Ophilia kicked some cultist ass and saves the day.

But she's not done yet.

Music: Creeping Dread

This is the second time you've spoken that name... Who is this "Savior"?
Oh, you'll be trembling before his true power soon enough!

The hooded figure suicides by poison. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

I-is everything really over?
Of course. Everything will be all right now.


Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Back in town, we have more banter.

Is something troubling you, Primrose?
I can't wrap my head around it...

See, I prefer to put my faith in myself. When I feel helpless or find myself in trouble... I continue to believe in myself, no matter the situation.
Fine words. Believing in yourself is important, and powerful... But you'll still let me help you, won't you? At least some of the time? Because come what may, I am your friend and ally.

Even though "Faith shall be your shield" is both the house motto and personal motto for Primrose, that is focused more on having faith in yourself and your own convictions rather than faith in the religious sense. Primrose is much more independent due to the circumstances of her life, so she probably doesn't get the community aspects of religious faith that others like Ophilia are a part of. Ophilia and Primrose get their strength in much different ways, but they're both still strong people, and being around each other is helping them get even stronger as they learn from each others' experiences.

A really interesting pairing, these two.

But enough analysis there, we've got a father and daughter to reunite.

Music: Ophilia, the Cleric

See, Lysa? I told you that everything would be all right.

There is no need for that, Your Excellency. Seeing the smiles on your faces is more than enough for me.

Sister Ophilia...
Now, shall we begin the Kindling?


Video: Performing the Kindling

To you I offer my soul and my blood. With your First Flame, I kindle this fire. May it forever shelter the people of this land. Through the sacrament of the Kindling, grant us your mercy and your blessing.

And with that, the second ceremony has been performed.

We thank you, Sister Ophilia.

The Flame has been lit by the ember that accompanied you on your journey, Sister. I have no doubt that it will shelter us with the same gentle kindness that you have shown us all.
Nothing would make me happier, Your Excellency.

Trials, you say?
How can I say it? Those with kind hearts will find themselves shouldering the pain of others as if it were their own.

If I can help lessen another's pain by taking a portion of it upon myself, I am more than happy to do so.

After this, you will be returning to Flamesgrace, yes? Pray spend the night and rest before moving on.

And just like that, Ophilia's pilgrimage is nearly complete. Nothing left to do but return home and perform the Kindling one last time, and her task will be complete.

But suddenly, a familiar face appears...

Video: An Uncomfortable Reunion


Wh-whatever are you doing here!? Were you not staying at your father's side until he recovered?

You don't mean...?
I've taken a room at the inn. Will you join me there so we can talk?

Thanks. Now tell me...what has happened?
Promise me you'll stay calm, Ophilia.

Music: Despair

Ophilia knew this day would come, but she probably still wasn't prepared for when it would finally happen.

Father... He... He...

However, this must have taken Lianna completely by surprise. As far as she knew, her father had a simple illness or whatnot. For her father to suddenly die, with no real warning, must have shook her hard.

Wh-what's...? My...body...
I'm sorry, Phili.

Li...anna... What...?

...which makes it all the more alarming that she decided to drug her sister.


But of course. That is the power I have received from on high.

Nothing but pray. They could offer you only empty words. We can offer you something more. With this ember, we can make your every wish come true.
You really mean it?

Sorry, Phili...

Oh, Sister Ophilia! You've come back to us at last!
Wh-where am...? Urgh...
Pray stay at rest, Sister. It appears you were drugged with some manner of sleeping draught.


Music: Sorrow

You are not to blame, Your Excellency. The one who took the ember...
...Sister Ophilia?
They mentioned going back to Wispermill...

It is only a rumor, Sister...

The Savior, you say?

This group, they say, is spreading the word that our teachings are naught but lies.

Our faith did not keep their loved ones from dying. In their grief, no doubt they began to look elsewhere for answers to their prayers.

Yes. I must take back the ember.

...I can see you have made up your mind. I will not stand in your way, but...pray take care of yourself, Sister. These villains have already resorted to kidnapping and death threats. There is no telling what they might do to you.

And so we must go to Wispermill and take back the ember from the villains who stole it.

(There has to be some mistake...)

And more importantly, we must find a way to turn Lianna from the darkness of the Savior and save the only family Ophilia has left.

For now, let's close things off with one last banter.

She must have had her reasons.
You are thinking about the young girl who stole the ember, are you not?

No! ...No, I don't. All she's ever wanted was to make the archbishop--her father--proud of her.
Yet she stole the ember. Mayhap something drove her to it.
First, we should track her down and put the question to her. Then perchance we will find out the why and wherefore. What made Lianna do what she did? Was her hand forced? Answer those questions, and you may be able to help her. I will do whatever you need to assist you.

For us, Lianna's motivations may be obvious, but Ophilia's a bit too involved in it all to get a big picture look at Lianna's motivations. So she'll have to go to Wispermill and find out for herself, and hopefully change her mind...

But for now, we have two last characters to tackle for Chapter 3. Obvious choice but vote anyway.

Next time, more side stories.