Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Another day, another Side Story!

The rest o' the crew gave up long ago, and everyone went their separate ways in the end. But I 'aven't stopped believin' that the captain is still alive out there somewhere.

This is another quest where we have to find a guy somewhere in the world matching the description and bring him back here.

Thankfully I have the power of [s]walkthroughs[/s] observation and have seen this man before!

To Victors Hollow!

Music: Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest

I keep on hoping that someone'll recognize me one day and be able to tell me who I am... Surely someone must have known me, aye?

Yes, this is another quest where we have to guide an amnesiac to someone familiar with them. Though unlike the last quest, this only has the one option instead of letting us beat up a merchant, inspiring the shopkeeper to make said devious merchant the heir to his store.

I'm actually too low-level to Guide him, but luckily Primrose nails it first try.

Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

You know the deal by now. Let's reunite the two, watch the cutscene, and get our reward.

...Captain? Who... Who are you, lad?
'Ave ye forgotten me? I sailed under ye 'alf my life!
Sailed...? Under me?
That's right! On the Blue Wave! Don't ye remember at all?

The Blue...Wave... Y-yes! I think I do recall something!

That's right, sir! I've been searching for ye for years!
I'm sorry, lad... Until this very moment I had no idea who I was in the world...
So that's what 'appened... Then it's no wonder I 'ad such a hard time finding word of ye. I've been waiting 'ere in this town since we lost ye, believin' that ye must still be alive somewhere.

Once word gets 'round that yer alive and mannin' a ship, I'm sure the old crew will all come flocking back to ye.

So that's that.

This is fine right now, though eventually we can get several Protective Necklaces that give 80 to both defenses in Chapter 4, at which point this will be outclassed. Even still, I don't know if the extra 15 ElemDef is worth giving up the 50 PhysDef that our Bracelets currently give.

Afraid of the ship going down again? Me? I don't see any point in worrying about a thing before it happens. You may just worry for nothing.

Looks like those two will be going on a few more adventures! Just as long as they keep us out of it.