Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Another day, another side story.

The thing is, filchin's too much like hard work for my likin', so I want to quit. But I've got to find a replacement afore I do. That's one of the rules of Marta's gang. Ye'd be surprised how hard it is t'find reliable outlaws these days.

Simple enough task. We have to find a way to get this guy out. That said, this is another quest with two options.


First off, we have to head over to Sunshade and find some generic man.

I've got nimble fingers and a forgettable face. At least, that's what me mates tell me. The short of it is, I've the makings of a top thief.

Looks like he'll do.

Let's set this trading of the thieves up!

Aye. An' what's it to you, lad?

Hoho! Hang me if this ain't a fine happenstance.

If you really think you're up to the task, go ahead and take my place.
Truly? Just like that...?
I'm goin' to return to my village an' take up locksmithin'.
Locksmithing, eh?
Who better to make locks than a man who's picked a hundred?

Haha, that's a fine plan, mate. Tell you what...

Well, lad, I hope the thievin' life treats you well.

So we helped establish a new thief, helped an old one retire, and set up a fun rivalry.

Good for him! Uh, I guess.


This time, we have to head over to Victors Hollow and talk to this woman.

We don't have much, but we get by somehow. You might not believe it, but some kind soul's been leaving us donations. It's as if the gods themselves are looking out for us.

It's not really explained here, but the implication is that these mysterious donations are from Marta's Gang itself.

So let's share this with our thief friend.

Huh? What's that ye say?

Hang me! The boss never breathed a word o' it. So you mean the coin I've been stealin' has gone to helpin' orphans...

I tell ye what, friend. I think I'll stick to bein' a robber for now.

So this time, we inspire the thief to stick with his job, more aware of the good he's contributing through the world through his larceny.

What d'ye mean the spring don't suit me?

Again, glad everything worked out...I guess?