Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Today we'll be going back to Goldshore to pick up our last side story for now.

If you dare set out in a boat, it'll come right for you. Which means that fishing is out of the question.

The quest seems simple, find a way to deal with this creature. The solution lies in a couple observations we made in previous updates.

First, we need that Leviathan Egg. I'd rather steal it just to spite the fool but, 3% chance and all, so I'll bite the bullet. It's just pocket change anyway.

Next, we need to make our way to this dungeon outside Goldshore. This man pretty much tells us the gist of the quest.

And it doesn't do at all to go after the eggs or the young. There are some things you just don't do. You savvy?

You've probably picked up on the idea here, though I wish our party was just as wise, as you'll see.

Music: Dark Caverns

Captains' Bane is a cave. You know the drill.

Black Scissors is new, which is why I'm showing it.

Cyrus's weakness talent is great for knowing when I haven't encountered an enemy yet.

A spear that, appropriately enough, gives a hefty speed boost. Unfortunately even with its respectable PhysAtk it's only our third-strongest polearm, but that speed might give it some situational use when I gotta go fast.

Wind Elementals are jerks.

Revive is still relevant!

This side dungeon has an actual boss!

Video: Miniboss - Kraken

Music: Battle II

It's a freaking kraken.

Its formula is the "have companions that block some weaknesses" standard.

Kraken itself is a brutal foe, with a target-all attack and a nasty single-target move that inflicts Unconscious annoyingly reliably. All that evasion I stacked on Therion pays off beautifully, at least.

First priority, buff PhysDef.

Second, remove the adds.

Third, break and boost.

It gains two shields after every break.

It's not relevant because the thing is weak to polearms and bows. That's a double whammy of enemy stupidity.

It does start throwing out Tentacle Bash, which hits a random number of times, but it doesn't gain any new gimmicks mid-battle, which is probably why it got relegated to a mere miniboss.

I take my profit and decide to finish the job.


We roughed it up pretty good.

All that beast wanted was for you to return that egg you were holding.

I don't know how Cyrus and company had never thought of this.

Now go.

And so the kraken leaves, child in tow.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

But we do it to survive. We don't hurt each other out of pleasure.

Though that lesson can take a mighty long time to learn.

At least everything resolved itself nicely.

That Leviathan Shield gives a good PhysDef boost and also reduces ice damage, but it has a hefty Evasion penalty and commits the ultimate sin of lacking ElemDef.

That's why it's important to make sure they learn what really matters now. Before the old hands like myself are all gone.

OK we get it.

I've been bringing in great hauls. Now I can finally ask my girl to marry me!

Best not to ask.

OK let's stop doing these dumb things and get to another story. Next time we tackle Therion's Chapter 3.