Music: Among Stately Peaks

Only a few side stories left that we can currently finish, so let's knock another out!

It appears to describe the lives and customs of the people who live there. Sadly, it is written in a script I can make neither heads nor tails of... I wonder if anyone can.

So we need to find someone to help him translate a tome. But where have we met a worldly and well-traveled person...?

Not that I ever get a chance to speak them. All my knowledge is good for is telling tales to the children.

If you answered "some random old woman in Rippletide", congrats, I guess?

Anyway she's the one to solve this one, so let's get these two working together.

If you'd be so kind... You can read it, can't you?
Let's see...

Are you certain?
You doubt me? Then let me translate for you...

"In that land was a city called Hornburg, where a mighty gate was built."

Turns out that guy was wrong in his initial assessment on that book, as instead it's a book about Orsterra, and perhaps focusing on Hornburg in general, written by someone in an eastern land that we'll sadly never get to visit (at least in this game, perhaps...).

Also, Hornburg sure pops up all over the place in this game!

Yes, though I am out of practice...
Forgive my impertinence, but how did you learn such a thing?
...It's a long tale, truth be told.

He taught me the customs and tongues of the places we visited. He was an earnest teacher, and I learned much.
And now?

I'm sorry, milady...
Oh, don't look so glum, 'twas years ago! ...Now, I suppose you want to hear more from this book.
I would indeed, so gods mend me! I wish to know what secrets lie within these pages...

Hmm. Translate, you say...
Y-you refuse...?
...Nay. 'Tis a simple enough task, and I'll do it gladly.

The Exotic Garb has some really nice defenses, and the SP recovery is pretty nifty too. Unlike Saving Grace, which recovers SP each round proportional to your Max SP, I believe SP (and HP) regeneration from equipment is a flat number. I'm just going from memory here, so I may be wrong, and I don't remember the exact amount. That's still nice for characters with low SP like Olberic.

Tricky passage, this. You see, a translator must capture not just the words themselves, but the author's intent.

...Also you may notice the parallels between this book's translation and real-life localization of certain forms of media, such as, say, video games...

At any rate, that's it for today!