Music: Atlasdam, Seat of Learning

Believe it or not, we still have two side stories from Chapter 1! One of them requires access to two Chapter 4 towns though, but we can knock this one out of the way.

The only trouble I have is that this artist is quite particular and refuses to paint anything but landscapes. Still, I wish I could find more of his work. If only I could track down more examples...

So the practical thing to do is find the artist in question. But where...?

Again, the answer is one of "Keep track of everything, wander around until you stumble upon the solution, or look it up." All roads lead to Saintsbridge.

And the artist we're looking for is in the outskirts of Saintsbridge, looking upon a river.

So this shall be my last ever painting. I'll never make a living with art. It's time I accept that.

Unfortunately, our artist friend has decided to give up on his dreams. So how do we break the news to the art enthusiast?

We once again have two options to work with here.


First, we can obtain his final painting from him. It's a modest amount, not really enough to live off of though.

Then we shall give the art lover this final masterpiece and break the news to him that way.

How could any with such talent ever abandon his art? His paintings are flawless! There is nothing anyone could say to criticize such a masterpiece!

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

He did not merely paint what he saw. He poured all his artist's soul into this landscape... I believe that this hill must be a place of great import to this artist. His love for this place has made this into an indescribable masterpiece.

No other reward besides cold hard cash.

I think it must truly be my good luck charm. It shall be a treasured heirloom of my house, and I will pass it down for generations to come.

So the art lover has made peace with his favorite artist retiring, and has embraced this final piece of art as much as he had any other.

Meanwhile, the artist has become a baker.

I have made quite a name for myself by making decorative loaves shaped like animals and flowers. They have been quite the hit! I think I have finally found my true calling!

Though he hasn't truly left his artistic side behind.


The second option is, of course, to unite the two and have the artist explain his reasoning to his fan personally.


I...I suupose I am. You have bought a great number of my paintings, haven't you?

Is that right? Well, that is...well, it's terribly flattering. But I've decided that I must move on from my dreams of being an artist.

I was told that my paintings are stale. Have nothing to recommend them.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Your paintings stale? Nothing to recommend them? They are pure and true, and any who would deny that is simply too evilhearted to see it!
Pure...? Is that really what you think?
I do! When I look at the landscapes that you paint, I can see just how you feel! Looking at the landscape as you see it moves me deeply. That pure emotion is what makes your paintings so formidable! It's nothing like those flashy pieces of so-called art that sacrifice their soul for the sake of appearing original. Your art remains true to your soul, and it shows.

Is that so?

A-are you quite certain!?
Of course! I have told you that I am your greatest fan! I beg you to continue making art, for my sake. Would you do that for me?

Good! That settles it then!

So this method lets the artist continue doing what he loves, and the art lover gets to continue enjoying his favorite artist's work. Everyone wins!

I will do my best to create art worthy of my patron and any others who might care to look upon it.

This one's nice, perhaps too much so, but hey, that's why you kinda get to pick your ending on some of these!

Anyway, next time we'll tackle Cyrus's Chapter 3 as we near ever closer to the end... (even though the end will take another hundred or so updates to reach, but details)