We've been down this way earlier, but this time we're going to Orewell.

As usual, H'aanit struggles to find more beasts to collect. They really should've rebalanced the capture mechanics in the late game...

Eventually we make it to our destination, where Alfyn's Chapter 4 begins.

This is also one of two Chapter 4 towns to have its own music, and...it's not the most uplifting theme.

Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

Since we're done with Cyrus, I'm making each character the lead for their own tale because, well, why not?

I've come all this way, and I feel like I've found more questions than answers.


Alfyn's still pretty glum after the events of Saintsbridge. Just ignore all his upbeat banters between his Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

That said, he's not the only one here looking miserable.

Howdy, there. Why so glum?
Oh, woe is me! Me poor wife and kids are fightin' for their lives!

That satchel of yours... I don't reckon you're an apothecary?
Reckon I am. And the plague you speak of is what brought me here.
Oh, thank the heavens! For once, the gods smile upon us!

Oh, thank you! Pray follow me.

You're looking awful glum yourself.

(At any rate, I have a job to do.)

Wait, that's--!

Music: Discord

That'll do. Sorry to pry. Now, let's see what we can do about your cough.
Oh, thank you, Mister, uh...?
Name's Ogen. I'm a traveling apothecary of sorts. A little bird told me your village was in rough shape, so here I am.
Not one, but two apothecaries come to our humble home? Mayhap the Flame shines bright upon us yet. How can we ever repay you?
Think nothing of--!

We keep meeting, eh?
You again? Figured you'd have given up and gone home already. But it seems you're made of stronger stuff than that.
Hah! Damn right I am!

Heh... If you say so.
Anyhow, what with all the patients needing tending, it's good to have you around. What say we team up? Two sets of hands are better than one, eh?

How did I know you'd say that? As you like, then. I'll do the same.

...And I daresay I've worked up quite a thirst. Think I'll hit the tavern. See you around, Ogen.


Let me see it. It'll only take a moment.

At any rate, Alfyn's done enough healing for one day. Time to forget his troubles with drink and, of course, banter.

Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

Say, Alfyn?
What is it, Tress? I'm feelin' a bit tired, truth be told. And my back is killing me...

As long as you're around, you'll cure any illness I get, right?
Because you always brew the best medicine you possibly can, right?
Darn right.
But your potions are still nothing compared to Ogen's, right?

What's that supposed mean? [sic] I'd pit my cures against his, any day of the week! I'll show you who's the top apothecary around here. Just you watch!

Tressa certainly knows how to get Alfyn fired up.

Naw. I've worked harder days, trust me.
Is that so? Still, pray allow me to buy you a flagon of mead for your efforts.
Oho, didn't see that coming! Never figured you scholar types went in for the drink. Dulling of the senses and all that.

Uh-huh. You don't strike me as the type who'd ever get drunk.
It's all about knowing when to say when, friend. And besides, I hold my spirits rather well.
You don't say? Maybe we should sit down one night and have it out. Match each other mug for mug.
An intriguing challenge. And we could make it even more interesting with a little wager...
Right! Loser pays for both of us!
(...Ah, good. That seems to have cheered him up a little.)

I like how everyone's trying to cheer Alfyn up. And despite appearances, Cyrus does enjoy the occasional drink, albeit probably not as much as Alfyn...

Enough chatter for now, let's drink the pain away!

...Shucks, is it that obvious?
Might as well be written on your face.

If you're trying to win me over, you're goin' to have to try harder than that.

Alfyn's game...is not the best.

So I'm not the only one who needed a stiff one. Long day?

Music: Melancholy

Heh, thanks for the diagnosis.
I saw the medicine you gave the villagers back there.

Nothing gets past you, does it?

Who--what am I really doing this for?

...Nor I. And I wager I've been searching for a fair bit longer.
Heh. You don't say...

...I think you've had one ale too many.



Heya there! What can I do you for?
Me fever...it's gettin' worse by the hour...
Ogen was taking care of you, wasn't he? Could he have botched the dose...?

Master Ogen's worn too thin to impose...
Worn thin?

Later, he started coughing something terrible, and then he just...wandered away.
That doesn't sound right...
What with all the patients he's been seeing, no wonder he's tired and all.

Melyssa... P--please... Please, forgive me...!




Ogen has a pretty rough night, yet refuses to slow down. I get the feeling this is going to catch up to him sooner than later...

Soon, though, it's a new day.

Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

And that means it's time to help more people.

After some banter, of course.

You seemed to be enjoying yourself at the alehouse yesterday.
Heh, yeah! Me and mead get along just fine.
I could tell, the number of times I had to fill your mug. You should thank me, you know.
Ahaha! I suppose I should.

The man seemd to prefer his own company.
Ah, don't worry. He's just an old grump, anyway. But I figure he'd cheer up quick if you showed him a dance or two.

A smooth talker, are we?
Hey, it ain't just talk! I'm telling you, I bet even Ogen wouldn't be able to tear his eyes away.

At least Alfyn's been working on his game a bit since yesterday. Though it seems despite his rivalry with Ogen, he does have some concern for the old grump especially in hearing what he's been going through.

As you may have noticed from the run-down buildings and somber music, Orewell is not in the best of shapes. Good thing it has the two cheapest apothecaries around to cure it of its plagues and ills!

Speaking of which...

Just doing my job. And with that, I'll be on my way.

...You again.
What's this I hear about you dropping your tools and hacking all over your patients?
Not one for tact, are you?

...Even if I did, it'd be none of your concern.
Right, right, whatever. Why don't I take just a quick look?
Why don't you just mind your own business?

How touching. But look: I know my body as well as--


Good grief!

...Keep your bloody hands off me.
I told you, I'm perfectly aware of what's happening to my--


You're sicker than a dog, and I'd be one sorry apothecary to let you walk away untreated. Now be a good patient, hear?

You still don't trust me, you son of a...

Music: Despair

You're falling apart inside and out...

It's a miracle you're even standing... How could you let yourself get in this state?

Tell me something I don't know.
If you knew, then why...?

Even if I told you, what would you be able to do about it?


Ogen is dying, and he seems he'd rather accept that fate than try to be healed. But why?

That's what Alfyn is going to try and find out.

...After some banter, of course.

Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

That man's face was the face of one who had given up all hope. Had he lost his reason to live? Was he so tortured by the sins of his past?
Either way, it's a darn fool that lives life as if he wants it to end.
...Just so. But it would behoove us to learn what makes him act in such a manner. If there is anything I might do, do not hesitate to ask.

Whenever you need my ear, you need only say the word.
Thanks, Olberic. It's good havin' you around.

Olberic was in a similar situation as Ogen, both being men losing something important to them and essentially coasting through life without a reason to go on. Of course, Olberic eventually his reason, so could Ogen...?

Aw, thanks! That's mighty kind of you.
Do let me know if there is anything else I can do.
I appreciate it. Really, I do. But don't wear yourself out on my account, y'hear? It does no one any good if you work yourself sick tryin' to take care of someone else.
Oh, don't worry about me. I can take care of myself, you know.
You've got a good heart, Ophilia. Like no one I've ever met.

Really? And you're asking me? Why, that would be wonderful! Of course I'd...

They really do seem to have a big brother/little sister bond going on (with the occasional teases of romance because all the Octopathers are always horny). They like to look our for each other because, well, they like to look out for everyone, so it's nice they each have someone to look out for them. Or something. Look out!

Our next step is to visit one of the sick people in this big hall.

We've got a name important to Ogen. With this, it's time to learn the truth about Ogen's past.


Music: Melancholy

You told me you lost your dear wife... That she was murdered in cold blood...by a man whose life you saved.


I had no hopes, no aspirations. I just wanted to help someone, anyone...in any way I could. ...Anything to do Melyssa proud.

One day, in a far-flung village...I found him.


When I saw them together, smiling and laughing... ...Something broke inside of me.

And so I waited till nightfall, then snuck up on the man when he was alone...


It was a strange feeling. Though saving his life took days...ending it took an instant. Human life's a fleeting and fragile thing, eh?

Funny, isn't it? None of these people know the man who saved their lives stole another.

But every day I ask myself: what right do I have to play god with these bloodstained hands?

How many years has it been now? In my travels, my body has come to be ravaged by every plague and pestilence our realm has known.

I am a murderer. A sinner.

Do you see now, Alfyn? This is the answer I've found.

Ogen has chosen to remain sick due to his guilt. He's a gifted healer who's helped save the lives of many, but he's also a murderer. According to Ogen, his life is not worth saving.

But then he's not the doctor here. What does Alfyn even do in this situation?

Video: Zeph's Letter

Music: Discord


(Gah, what a mess... Been too busy to clean it out all this time...)

(Ogen is determined to die. That's the answer he's come to...after a long and harrowing journey.)


I barely manage to get by as it is... How do I even go about...fixing a busted soul? I'm just one man. One small, insignificant man...



Music: Bonds of Friendship

"When you find this letter, no doubt you'll be off in some far-flung village somewhere. I was more than happy to urge you on in your journey, but truth be told... I was just a bit worried about you."

"You've always had a sensitive streak, after all. But should you ever find yourself losing the courage of your convictions..."

That I am, Nina.

Nothing you need worry yourself about.

"In that sense, you're the best apothecary--and the best friend--anyone could ask for. You have nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. So go out there, Alf, and do what you feel is right. With your heart at ease and your head held high."

That idiot...

...Thanks, buddy.

Ain't that right, Zeph? I'll show everyone what I believe in.

Alfyn may have lost faith in himself, but Zeph still believes in him. Ogen's philosophy isn't the only one to follow, and it certainly does not suit Alfyn. It's not his call whether someone deserves to live or die, all he can do is heal everyone that he can.

Let's close out this long update with one last banter.

Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

You were moping around like a stick in the mud for a while there.
Is that right? Guess we can put that down to the encouragement of an old pal.
Old pal?

Well, it sounds like you got yourself a good friend.
Heh, you got that right!
Would you trust this friend of yours forever? No matter what?
Darn right I would!

Yep. Because if he did betray me, it'd be because he didn't have any other choice. Like his little sister begged him to steal my sleepweed...with tears in her eyes, or somethin' like that. Folk make mistakes sometimes--no point in throwing away a whole friendship over that!

Therion of course doesn't really have a friend like that, at least not anymore. Though perhaps his companions will fill that role by journey's end.

So yeah, there's a lot of talking for a chapter that really only focuses on two people. Next time, Alfyn sets out to heal Ogen, we shoehorn in an obligatory dungeon and final boss just because, and perhaps we may finally learn about the mysterious man that drove Alfyn to become an apothecary.