Time to make our way to Grandport to finish Tressa's story!

Some tier-two enemies I missed before.

The Grandport area's not that much different from the Goldshore area.

Requisite foes of course.

Also a boat is here. Perhaps one day the Octopathers can go sailing. But not this game, sadly.

At any rate, let's enter Grandport, the only Chapter 4 town besides Orewell with a unique theme.

Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

It's time to make our mark in the world of commerce!

I can't believe it. I'm finally here!

This is incredible. There are merchants and treasures from all over the world here...

Hehe, I can't wait to see what they have for sale!

One and the same, miss!
Rumor has it he's got enough money to buy himself a small country. Supposedly he invests quite a sum into the Fair, too.

Only the rarest and most beautiful treasures have been gathered here.

I expect so.

One of the highlights of the Fair is a competition. Merchants show off their finest pieces to Mr. Wyndham...
And he picks only the very best one to give to his daughter.

For the record, we have a mere million after all of our adventures. A billion is, well, a really freaking lot.

I guess all that money'll touch your noggin' eventually. I don't get it.
At least his daughter's happy.
Though it does make me wonder how he chooses a winner...

(Will the eldrite do the trick? If I prove myself here, I'll know this journey wasn't for nothing.)


Tressa's ready to prove her mettle as a merchant, and she's got the eldrite to back her up. Let's see what she can do!

...A bit later, as suddenly...

Video: Noa


I recommend watching at least the first part of the video cutscene, as I find the voice acting adorable for this part. And a bit awkward, but whatever.

Yes, thank you.

O-Okay, if you say so.

...She seems to be struggling a bit at this whole "walking" thing.

Music: Tranquil Days

Thank you so much for your kindness.
Hehe, you don't have to thank me.

A traveler...

You don't have to be so formal. "Tressa" works just fine!
I...I see... Tressa.
See? That's not so hard! How are you feeling, by the way?
Better, thank you. I thought I could make it just a bit further...

But I've always longed to see the world.

(...This girl reminds me of me.)

...I came here by sheer willpower alone. I hoped I'd find something to help make my dreams come true.

Noa's a sickly girl, yet one who dreams to travel the world and see its wonders, just as Tressa has been able to. Unfortunately, her fragile state hasn't granted her the same opportunities Tressa had.

Plus, there's one more twist to his whole meeting...

I'm sorry I worried you, Gill.
And who is this young woman?
Her name is Tressa. She lent me her aid.
My word! Miss Tressa, you have my deepest gratitude.

The Wyndham family!?
I'd love to repay you for your kind deed, but I'm afraid we must be on our way. Let us make for the auction hall, my lady.

I'm just glad you're all right. See you around, Noa!

Noa is the daughter of Mr. Wyndham...

And so Tressa has met her potential customer, so to speak.

...Though there's a mysterious figure who's going to complicate things soon enough.

Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

But before that (and after we pick up some loose change Noa dropped), we have a lot of banters to go through!

Do you know of the Wyndhams, Professor?
Yes. But in a different way, I posit, than a merchant such as yourself. They are patrons of the arts, and generous benefactors to the world of scholarship. They can trace their family line back to the founding days of an ancient kingdom. The Wyndhams have witnessed great changes in the arts and in politics, and have recorded that history in their family chronicles. Scholars such as myself have many reasons to be grateful to them.
I had no idea! We merchants never thought of them as anything but fabulously rich.

Oho! Food for thought, would you not say? The merchants see the Wyndhams one way, the scholars another... 'Tis a fair reminder that the same object can look quite different, depending on who is doing the viewing...
Right. There's all sorts of people in the world, and that's what makes trade so fascinating!

The Wyndhams are not only rich, but are a huge contributor to maintaining the art, literature, and culture of Orsterra. And of course, it's Cyrus and Tressa appreciating one family in two completely different ways.

Ophilia, are you praying for Noa?
I am. I do not think our meeting was happenstance. Fate played its hand.

It took a lot of courage for her to come this far. It just goes to show that money can't solve everything.
Indeed. We all have our own troubles and cares.

I can't say I know exactly what Noa is searching for... But I sure hope she finds it.

Ophilia, meanwhile, is concerned with the sickly Noa, whose dreams are hindered by her health. It seems even large amounts of money can't get her what she seeks...

Here are the Grandport Markets, with tons of people ready to do business.

This place is a blessing and a curse. A blessing, beacuse they have tons of delicious goodies I can't wait to get my hands on. A curse, because I kind of dread writing the update for this town...

A couple more banters get activated here, so let's view those as well!

I mean, have you seen this weaving? Such detail, such splendid designs!
And this vase! Simple yet elegant, with a shimmering glaze. Oh, and a price to match...
Look here! A landscape by the renowned artist Master Bonito! This can't be an original...or can it!?

Is something the matter?
Forgiven me.

It makes sense H'aanit would find Tressa's reactions more fascinating (and amusing) than the items themselves. She's a hunter, after all, all she cares about are the resources she needs to stay alive and continue her trade.

You bet I am!
It's a thief's dream. All these lavish wares, just sitting there for the taking...
I know! It's like my eyes can't stop moving from one thing to the next...

...You mean those cups and bowls? How valuable can they be?
Well, they're made of the finest white porcelain! Very rare, very costly.
...Heh. You know your stuff.
As do you! When it comes to jewelry, at least.
A thief who can't tell gold from copper won't last long in the profession.

And so Tressa and Therion finally bond over their mutual interest in various items, and the worth and obtaining of such. Of course, how they obtain said items is still a source of contention...

Ooh! That's House Sennedi tableware!

You really can find anything at the Fair!

Oh, hello. Can I help you?

S-sure. By the way, I didn't get your name.

Finally... My search is over.


Music: On a Knife’s Edge

Not anymore, little girl. A word of advice before I go:

My notebook...

That weird woman stole Tressa's notebook for...reasons? Anyway, this isn't something Tressa's going to let go, especially considering how important it's been for her journey so far.

What's going on?

I know that voice!

Music: How Amusing!

It is Ali!

For those of you who don't know, let me tell you the tale of this peculiar piece. The Khafqas are famous aristocrats from the north. Several decades ago, a craftsman presented the family with a very special carpet.

Business boomed and profits soared, and eventually they were blessed with six beautiful children. It seemed as though the more memories the family made together, the more their happiness grew. Their luck both at work and at home was greater than ever before.

Who knows? With this in your own home, your luck could change for the better, just like the Khafqas.

I'll give you fifteen!
Hah! I'll pay twenty thousand!

Thank you, thank you!
That merchant sure has a way with words. He could make a handful of sand look like gold!

Ali's doing as well as ever, it seems.

Fancy meeting you here!


Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Is something the matter? You're not still mad I stole all your customers, are you?


It's not funny! It was important to me! But that woman said it was in my own interest to forget about it...
Hmm... The plot thickens.

I'm going to help you look for your notebook. I have a debt to repay, after all.

...You call that praise? You've got a long way to go, Green Pea.


She's making her way to the auction hall up north. After a quick jaunt over...

That's definitely her. I'd recognize her anywhere!
What a strange woman. What would she want with your diary?

Music: Creeping Dread

I retrieved the notebook.

Excellent work. Now let us leave this town at once.

My thoughts exactly.


What're you going to do, Green Pea?

Are you coming or not!?
Hehe. Lead the way!

And so they follow the two into the building...

Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

The showcase, sponsored by the gracious House Wyndham, will begin shortly. Only one piece is allowed per entrant.

Merchants, please prepare your entries.

Are you entering, Green Pea?
You got that right! And here's my winning entry. Ta-dah!

...Let's talk business, hey?
Keep dreaming, Ali.

But, you know, you might actually win with this. Maybe you're not such a green pea after all.

Different? How?

Anyway, first things first. We need to find that woman!

And after yet another brief walk...

All right, leave it to me.
What are you going to do?

I can't let you do that. It's too dangerous.
Hehe. Did you forget? I'm Ali, the One-man Army. I'll see that debt repaid one way or another, Tressa.

Now to get down to business.

Music: On a Knife’s Edge

What is it, kid?
I know I don't look like much, but I'm a renowned merchant in these parts. I was hoping I could have a moment of your time.

It won't take long, I promise. I'm actually quite interested in that pocket watch of yours, sir.
...Oh really?
Did you forget? We're in a hurry.

The King of the East, he was, and prized that very timepiece above all others. His famous words were, "Nothing is more precious than time--time kept and time spent."

My apologies, madam. Why don't we talk over there, sir? I have something that might be of great interest to you.
Do tell...

...Who knew watches could be so time consuming?

We've got Esmeralda by herself. Now we just need to follow her and get our notebook back! You know, after a final dungeon and boss fight, of course.

But for now, let's close things off with a banter.

Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

What is it, Alfyn?
I was just thinking. That Ali's an awfully good fellow, don't you think? I wouldn't mind sharing a mug or two of mead with him...

Ahahaha! When you put it like that, I suppose he is.
But I have a feeling you two would get along just fine. Why don't you become partners?
You could make the medicine, and he could sell it for you. You'd both be rich in no time!
Ahaha! Golly, why didn't I think of that?
I bet Ali could fetch five times the coin that you manage to get.
I don't doubt that for a second.
Speaking of which, how much do you charge for your medicine?


Tressa literally cannot comprehend Alfyn's overly-generous nature.

Next time, we go sewer-diving for our notebook, then present our most precious treasure to the Wyndhams to close out Tressa's Chapter 4.