Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

For today's side story, we're heading back to Noblecourt. We'll be doing a bit of traveling for this one.

But three of my men betrayed me, and everything fell apart then. My company, my life...

Haven't the coin or the strength to go after them myself. If only someone would see justice served...

To help this man find peace, we need to travel the world and beat people up. That's right up our alley!

First stop, Atlasdam!

What? You think it means anything, this useless thing? Sure, it meant I was a part of something once. And what does that mean? Nothing. Brotherhood don't fill your belly.

Our first victim is an angry drunkard who values coin and little else.

Music: Battle I

It ends as expected.

And so the fool flees, never to return again.

Next stop, Goldshore!

This guy is more of an arrogant brute.

Music: Battle II

And we see where his arrogance takes him.

Two down.

Final stop is Duskbarrow.

So yeah, me and my mates decided to bring him down. And bring him down we did.

And this guy is just a jackass. Even his items are overpriced garbage.

Music: Battle III

I must say, it felt good crushing this fool's skull.

And the last fool is taken care of.

Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Perhaps this will help the poor mercenary find some much-needed closure.

I used to give these out to all my lads... Made them say their oaths over them, pledging their loyalty to the company...


And some of the other lads... They tried to tell me. They accused the villains of selling us out, but I...I didn't believe it could be true. "They're our brothers," I said. "They'd never betray us like that."

We lost that battle, because of their villainry.

Even those who survived, I'd brought them nothing but pain. I must've ruined so many lives with my naivety... If only I'd been a better judge of character... There's never a day I don't think that.

With this...I can finally start moving forward again.

The helm is pretty lack-luster at this stage of the game, and the HP recovery doesn't really make up for it.

I'm not looking back any longer. I'll keep my eyes on what lies before me, and do whatever I can to make the future even a little brighter.

The important thing is we helped this man find peace through wanton violence, and isn't that a lesson we can all take to heart?

That's what I get for not checking the votes for a few days. Eh, Tressa was winning the last time I checked anyway, so let's roll with it. Plus it means I get access to Grandport.

Next time, Tressa's Chapter 4!