Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

Another new town, another side story chain to complete.

It is I, the great adventurer Le Mann! Surely you know me by now, though. I am finally about to embark on my voyage to uncover a new land...

What's that? You say my legs are trembling? Only trembling with anticipation of the justice I am about to mete out!

Today we have to help this amazing explorer out by beating up some jerk for him.

Even if you don't want to pass, in fact, you're gonna have to pay it. Or pay with your blood. Bahahaha!

This is the jerk in question.

He's slightly more difficult than average since he can inflict Unconscious.

I say "slightly" because it's still freaking Olberic with an Evasion-focused build and Thief skills to keep his HP and SP up. He ain't dying to anything in a duel.

Great final line, friend.

Now I will at last set sail into the unknown! Thank you... I have been saved by you over and over...

I have always dreamed of being an adventurer, as long as I can remember.

He crossed the seas alone and discovered completely unknown lands.

I myself am one of those who wished nothing more than to be just like Dupone.

I shall take this ship across the sea and discover a land that none other ever has!

...Should we really let this man sail out on his own?

Fare thee well, friend of my heart!

I mean, probably not, but the man has a dream. I say let him live it, see what happens. Who knows, maybe he'll actually not die!

At any rate, this is the last we've seen of Le Mann. Perhaps he will discover new lands, or at least new depths of the ocean floor.

I think now's as good a time as any to dive into our next chapter, so next time, we'll tackle Primrose's final chapter, which...uh, may not be the best one.